December 21, 2016

Berkey Water Filter Problems: And The Best Alternatives!

Berkey Water Filter Problems:

When someone spends loads of money on a water filter, they hope that it will not only provide them with the cleanest and safest water, but also last for a long time.  At least that is what I, as well as many other people assumed when we purchased a Berkey Water Filter.  Unfortunately, we came across a load of problems that left us incredibly unsatisfied.  Here is an ultimate review for the Berkey Water Filter problems, and the best water filter alternatives on the market!

Berkey Water Filter Problems

I was just like so many people around the world.  I was looking for a quality water filter that would provide me and my family with the cleanest water possible.  I was afraid that my water was filled with chloride as well as other contaminants so I went out and purchased a large countertop water filter for my kitchen.

The salesmen at my local superstore suggested that I purchase a Berkey because it was the “hot new product of the year”.  I was incredibly excited, however, soon that excitement switched over to disappointment. I soon started having problems with my new water filter, and I quickly found out that the internet was full of forums and blogs of people talking about different Berkey Water Filter Problems.

I know everyone who is reading this is probably incredibly busy, so ill cut right to the chase and cover all the problems with Berkey Water Filters.

Berkey Water Filter Problems #1: Dirty Water:

The number one problem that I had when I purchased my Berkey Water Filter was the lack of clean water.  This is the main job of a water filter.  To clean the water.

Berkey Water Filter Problems dirty water

I was shocked when I poured water into my filter system, and then it came out with a slight brownish color to it.

This color issue didn’t happen right away so I know for sure that it wasn’t because it wasn’t set up correctly.

I purchased the water filter, and it worked fine!  Everything seemed good, and the water was clean and clear.  And then after a few weeks, the water that was getting filtered out was starting to get a brownish color to it.

So the first thing I did was throw away that filter and purchased a new filter thinking it was just a fluke.  Unfortunately, around two months later, the same exact thing happened.  This time even more brown and gross water than before!

I didn’t feel safe giving this gross water to my family, so I quickly started to do some more research for a new water filter which I will talk about in depth below.

Berkey Water Filter Problems #2: Cheap Material:

The Dirty water was the first huge strike against the Berkey Water Filters, but the second big strike against them was the quality of materials that were used to make the system itself, as well as the replacement filters.

Berkey Water Filter Problem cheap material

When I first purchased the water filter system, I never really worried about having low quality materials with my new purchase because it was a rather high end water filter!

Berkey Water Filters aren’t the cheapest water filters that the stores sell, they are actually some of the more expensive water filters at my local superstore.

I first realized that the water filters were made out of cheap materials when I had to buy my first water filter replacement online.  I purchased a two filter pack and quickly realized how cheap and fragile the filter felt in my hand.  Which is much different than the original filter that came with the system.

The replacement filter was incredibly cheap and lasted only a few weeks before giving out completely.  For spending as much money as I did on the water filter system, I really wish that the products were made out of higher quality products.

Berkey Water Filter Problem #3: Poor Customer Service:

So as you can tell, I was very disappointed with the Berkey Water Filter product as a whole, and what made the whole thing worse was the terrible customer service.

Berkey Water Filter Problem Poor Customer Service

I was hoping that there would be a way I could talk to someone and get the whole situation figured out.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone.  I just wanted to ask a few questions and see if there was anything they could do to help me because their product was so terrible.

So I called their customer service hotline more than 10 times, and was either put on hold for up to an hour at a time, or was never transferred to a human being.  I also sent multiple emails to their customer service team, and never received a response!

I was astounded by the lack of customer service, which made the whole situation even worse!

The Best Alternative Water Filter:

I highly advise everyone to do extensive research before purchasing a water filter, because if you don’t you will end up wasting money!

I hope you learns a lot about Berkey Water Filters, and all of the Berkey Water Filter Problems.

So instead of getting that water filter, here is my number one suggestion that I believe is a great water filter, as well as thousands of people world wide!

The ISpring RCC7 Water Filter:

The ISpring RCC7 Water Filter is the best water filter that I have ever owned!  I didn’t have to worry about any of the Berkey Water Filter problems with the ISpring RCC7 Water Filter!

ISpring RCC7 Water Filter

This water filter is one of the leaders in the industry as it filters out more than 1000+ pollutants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, and other materials that are incredibly common in tap water.

I have used this system for more than 6 months, and I have never experienced any problems!  The material is sturdy and well built.  The Water Filter was even awarded a gold seal from the Water Quality Association for its amazing quality, safety, and durability!

The product is incredibly reliable and I love it!  I finally feel safe giving my family the cleanest water possible!

This filter even comes with a 1 year money back guarantee as well as a 1 year long full warranty!  ISpring are incredibly proud of their product and they know everyone will love it!

I recommend this product to all of my close friends and family because it is awesome!

You Can View This Product and Reviews on Amazon!

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