November 10, 2016

Keeping Your Boots in Shape With the Best Boot Oil 2020!

Last Updated January 1st 2020  Well, if you have got boots, you need boot oil as well since you don’t want to see your precious leather boots getting decayed and ruined day-by-day. There are many other types of oil that can be used to clean and maintain boots, but boot oil does it best. Also, it has certain other utilities and plays a vital role in the oil industry.  Whether you got snake boots or hiking boots, you need to take care of them! Now let’s take a look at some of the best boot oil choices around the world:

Best Boot Oil 2020 on the Market + Reviews

Because there are so many different types of boot oils available on the marketplace, it can be difficult to really decided what they best oil is for your boots.  Along with this, there are different types of oils, that are designed for different types of boots.  Some are designed strictly for waterproofing, and others are designed for simply keeping the boots looking good.

Obenauf’s Leather Oil: Restore Dry Boot Leather

Best Boot OilIn my opinion, this product is probably the best for breaking in new leather shoes and boots along with other amazing features like restoring faded, dried, cracked leather into richer oiled shining leather, and resisting cracks and roughness of the leather surface.

Obenauf’s, which is situated in Peck, Idaho, was founded by Marv Obenauf who, being a former wild land firefighter, formulated his products keeping in mind his experiences. The base formula primarily contains beeswax, natural oils, and propolis. They do not use any kind of damaging silicones, paraffin, petroleum, and solvents.

This particular oil is excellent for waterproofing, restoring and preserving leather. Moreover, you can use it for a lot of other leather things like scabbards and holsters, baseball gloves, motorcycle leather, saddles and tack, car seats, leather furniture, etc. along with leather shoes and boots.  Overall I would say this is probably the best boot oil available at this time!


  • Waterproofs leathers.
  • Restores rough, dried, cracked and faded leather.
  • Ideal for breaking in new boots and shoes.
  • Comes with an easy and efficient applicator.
  • Contains all natural oils and no harmful petroleum, silicones or solvents.
  • Softens the leather and preserves it too.


  • Might render your leather a tad darker in shade than it was originally, but if you can move past it, there should be no other complaints regarding this product.

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Huberd’s Shoe Oil: Waterproof and Soften Leather

Best Leather OilThis product protects leather against dryness, roughness, mildew, moisture and rotting. It is prepared from the basic and signature shoe grease formula (with beeswax) of Huberd’s Shoe Grease Company that was founded in 1921, in McMinnville Oregon by Mr. Huberd himself. This particular shoe oil was formulated after the improvements made to the product line in 1929.

Huberd’s base formula do not use artificial additives and solvents that ruin leather, also, they use absolutely no animal fats (like minx oil) since they could rot over time, thus, ensuring a long, shiny and healthy life for your leather. The best bit about it is that it gets absorbed into the leather after application, leaving your boot non-sticky yet with a much loved ‘oiled’ look to it. This time-tested product is an excellent choice to keep your leather dry, waterproof and shining like new.


  • The product comes at quite an affordable price.
  • Excellent for restoring your old, dry leather to its brand-new looks.
  • Can be used for hunting boots, work shoes, sports equipment, saddles, etc.
  • Great at keeping your leather waterproof and naturally shining.
  • Gets absorbed into the leather, resulting in non-sticky yet shining boots.


  • Not to be used on suede and white leather as it comes with a slight tinge of color.
  • Gives off a slightly smoky scent that can be avoided if you oil your leather in an open space.

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Red Wing All Natural Boot Oil: Maintain Leather

Red Wing All Natural Boot OilIt is one of the well-known companies to produce quality shoes and boots, and the All Natural Boot Oil presents you with the chance to never see your boots, belts, and other leather materials decay. The product restores the life of your leather by rejuvenating it into polished, shining like new, with just a touch of fresh pine scent.

It is water-repellent, restores dry and cracked leather into soft, supple leather and increases its longevity. Although specifically designed for Red Wing shoes and boots, it is equally feasible on other leather materials too. It is made up of all natural oils with a proprietary blend of mink oil and pine pitch which works exclusively well on oil tanned leather, among other things. The product does not contain any harmful silicones or petroleum and solvents.


  • Rejuvenates old, dry and cracked leather and makes it soft and supple with renewed life.
  • Gives a water-repellent sheen to the polished and oiled leather.
  • Gets absorbed quickly, leaving no sticky residue on the surface yet looking and feeling well oiled.
  • Preserves leather and provide longevity to it.
  • Pine pitch along with replenishing the leather’s natural oil, also gives off a fresh pine scent that, at least in my case, is far more preferred than the smoky scent of other leather oil.

Cons –

  • May darken your leather a bit, but lightens with wear.

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Benefits of Boot Oil: Waterproofing vs. Softening

Boot oils are specifically formulated to treat leather materials. Basically, it contains beeswax, minx oil, other natural oils, and etc. Most companies avoid the use of harmful petroleum, solvents, and silicones since they inflict humongous harm to leathers.

Many customers prefer using homemade oil formula to care and condition their boots, sometimes using even plant oils like olive oil, coconut oils, and etc., but recently, many of the users, as well as experts, have recommended against using vegetable oils on leather, since they may give good results at first but eventually end up ruining the leathers from the inside, especially affecting the cotton stitches and so on.

Proper boot oil can restore you old leather, whether it is a shoe, a boot, your long parched and cracked belt, or your jacket or the old car and bike seats that look almost as good as ruined, or, in that case, anything made of leather. Boot oil can restore them as new, natural looking, oiled and supple leathers. It waterproofs leather, replenishes the natural oil in them and helps preserve the life of your leather for a long, long time. Many experts advice on warming up your leather a little before applying boot oil, this will ensure the oil penetrates well in the leather, making it lively and supple.

Dos and Don’ts with Boot Oils

There are certain things you should keep in mind while using boot oil on your leather.


  • Do make sure that the leather material is well cleaned before you start applying the boot oil on it, otherwise the dirt will stick with the leather making it look dirtier and splotchy.
  • Do use a clean cloth or applicator to apply the oil better on the leather; you may even a small paint brush.


  • Do not use boot oils that can darken the color of your leather on white leather or suede.

Final Thoughts on Boot Oils

Guys, if you have read on till here then I am sure you are as into maintaining your leather items as I am. As for the best boot oil, the above three products that I mentioned are among the top most recommended and reviewed products in the market. You can also use your own home formula if you wish so, but as you must have realized, specialized boot oils are the best choice for your precious leather. Happy boot life!

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