November 6, 2016

Picking the Best Camping Blanket – Avoid Hypothermia

“Winter is coming” don’t worry though the White Walkers aren’t! Thankfully in real life, winter brings with it cozy bonfires and camping trips in the lap of nature or a hike up the steep trails of majestic mountains and sleeping under the stars snuggled up in a blanket. Yes, winter is the perfect month for camping trips and ice fishing trips. For, though the days are cold and the nights colder, the clear sky and crisp air hold the promise of spring. And when it comes to battling the cold weather, nothing works better than a soft warm fuzzy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate! Discussed below are some of the best camping blanket options that you simply cannot afford to miss!  Along with a nice camping blanket you should definitely look at the best tent heater as well!

What Are Camping Blankets?

Best Camping BlanketCamping blankets are kind of like sleeping bags but only so much better! You don’t have to deal with the squishiness or all that extra weight. Just throw over the blanket and you’re set. Camping blankets are basically a simple lightweight set of mattresses ideally suited for outdoor trips. Especially the tough military blankets that are perfect for hikes in the snow-capped mountains. A very smart and practical alternative to the conventional sleeping bags, camping blankets have become an indispensable part of any camping trip!

Why Are Camping Blankets Necessary?

The rugged and tough camping blankets are an essential item of any traveler’s backpack. Don’t forget to pack a camping blanket the next time you’re planning a hiking trip. Camping blankets not only keep you warm and snug but also protect you from the extremities of temperature, dust, and bugs. And they’re compact enough to be stored in your ransack! You don’t have to carry around an extra bag, the lightweight and foldable design of the blanket allows better portability than any ordinary sleeping bag. Also, these blankets are pretty easy to use, you don’t have to deal with the complicated setup or follow a lot of instructions.

What to Look For in a Camping Blanket?

You just cannot get any blanket for your camping trips- a camp blanket needs to be just the right shape, size, and fabric. There are a whole lot of factors to consider before you get a cap blanket. Some of them are listed below:

The Shape and Size

Now, most camp blankets that you find in the market are square or rectangular shaped. Also, you usually get about three size choices, namely, king, queen and twin blankets. Consider the physical measurements and overall framework of the blanket.

The Material Used

The material or fabric used is among the most important factors contributing to the quality of the blanket. Most camp blanket brands offer either pure cotton or thick woolen blankets. Take the climatic conditions and check the weather reports beforehand before you make a purchase. And you can also consider buying a blanket that combines a mixture of fabrics for more comfort.

Weaving Patterns and Knots

Another important factor that you must think about is the construction of the blanket. This involves a thorough analysis of the weaving patterns, knots, and designs. The knitting patterns also decide the durability of the blanket. Some camp blanket brands use traditional heirloom techniques that give the entire frame a special charm and authenticity. Others use modern technology and high-tech stitching methods.


The compactness and weight of the blanket ensure enhanced portability. It should fit your backpack easily and be light enough to carry everywhere.

What Are My Choices For The Best Camping Blanket 2016?

Is there anything better in than snuggling in a blanket sitting by a bonfire under the stars? Well, if you’re looking for the perfect blanket, check out these top camping blanket brands in the market. Recommended by most users and critics, these blankets are all you need for the perfect vacation with your loved ones:

Classic Olive Drab Military Camping Blanket

Classic Olive Drab Military Camping Blanket ReviewKnown to be among the oldest brands manufacturing camping blankets, the classic olive drab military blanket has been made from a recyclable or reprocessed material such as natural acrylic.

It is large enough for more than two people and offers decent protection against the cold, dust and bugs. Also, the overall design is pretty thin yet comfy, so it can be easily rolled up and stuffed in a bag. This camping blanket is available in an olive green shade that perfectly blends in with the forest foliage. Plus, this military blanket is well within your budget!

These types of blankets have been used in the military for many years, and for good reason.  Although they might not be the fanciest or flashiest camping blanket on the market, they simply get the job done.  They are made of quality material that will be bale to withstand anything you throw at it.  These types of blankets are combat tested, so they will definitely be able to withstand camping and hiking trips!

Pendleton Yakima Camping Blanket

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket ReviewsThe Pendleton Yakima is an American company known for their traditional heirloom quality camp blankets that feature both traditional and chic contemporary designs. The Yakima blankets are available in two sizes and three patterns namely queen and twin.

Both the models are fairly large and weigh about 6 pounds. And the smart combination of cotton and wool ensures that you get to use these camp blankets all year round. You can even check out the extensive range of custom made blankets that feature special monogramming and embroidery.

These are great blankets because of the quality of the material and craftsmanship.  They are absolutely beautiful looking blankets, and they remind me of the old fashion camping blankets that my parents used to use up in the Northern United States.  Overall these camping blankets will keep you warm and comfortable even during the coldest of months!

HBC’s Green Wool 4 Point Camp Blanket

HBC’s Green Wool 4 Point Camp Blanket ReviewThe HBC brand has been in business since the1830s, supplying top quality blankets to soldiers in the Civil War. Their commercial grade comfortable camping blankets are known to be among the strongest in the market. The 4 Point Green (green because that was one of the first colors that the blanket was launched in) measures approx. 72 x 90 inches and weighs about 6 pounds.

The complicated and intricate weaving patterns along with the tough fabric make these blankets durable enough to adapt to any kind of weather. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, these blankets also feature interesting patterns such as multi-colour stripes that only add to its charm.

These blankets are a little bit thinner than some of the other camp blankets that we have reviewed, so they are better designed for comfort and style than survival.

Filson Mackinaw Camp Blanket

Filson Mackinaw Camp Blanket ReviewFilson Mackinaw is a company known for its oilskin coats, hunting pants and other similar pieces of clothing related to outdoor activities. Their blankets offer a unique blend of traditional construction and contemporary designs. The 100% woolen blankets keep you pretty warm and snug, while the detailed knitting ensures extra toughness and durability. And the average sized frame weighs just 6 pounds!

Available in a number of textures, patterns, and colors that don’t fade in the sun, the Filson Mackinaw camping blanket is also water resistant and easy to dry.  This is a good blanket that is a medium weighted design.  It is great as an additional blanket because of its comfort, but if you are looking for a pure survival blanket, then there are warmer choices available.

Pendleton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket

Pendleton Hemrich Stripe Camp Blanket ReviewThe Pendelton Hemrich collection is a Portland-based company that offers a wide range of travel-friendly custom made camp blankets in different shades, textures, and designs.

The blankets also feature a careful combination of cotton and wool that is airy, delicate yet durable for both indoor and outdoor use. From the classic traditional patterns to the modern designs, you get it all here! The compact and surprisingly lightweight frames are pretty easy to carry.

These are quality handcrafted blankets that truly are great for the outdoors.  They are put through the ringer and can withstand a whole lot of abuse.  These are great as an added layer of warmth, and I definitely recommend these Pendleton blankest for those looking for a nice outdoor blanket.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor and Camping Blankets

Durable, dependable and sturdy- camping blankets are a delight. Thanks to camping blankets, you can now enjoy all your outdoor activities without having to worry about proper accommodation! And the items mentioned above are great options for the best camping blanket!

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