July 13, 2016

Picking the Best Chest Rig of 2020! – Military Strength Plate Carriers

Those in the military or army will be well pleased to equip their soldiers with the best  chest rig that will come in very good use while they are on duty. Chest rigs are a near necessity to any soldier.  These rigs will keep you organized and make sure that your soldier has all their gear and ammunition within a hands reach at all times.  Here are a few suggestions on how to fully utilize these tactical assault vest.

What Makes The Best Chest Rig

The Best Military Chest Rig come in different designs and style as well as color. This will depend on what is your task in the army or military. Are you an operator or in charge of handling the vehicle, ammunition or medical supplies? The chest rigs will be catered to your needs. Normally they come with many zippered pockets as the idea is for you to keep all your necessary tools and equipment with you for easy access when you are on duty. Some may come with additional straps for you to hook with other accessories which I will elaborate in a moment.

Types of Chest Rigs

Fully Utilized Combat Chest Rig:

best chest rigThe Best Military Chest Rig should allow you to use the front and back portion of the vest. Manufacturers normally design the rigs to have extra webbing for the purpose of hooking accessories, backpacks and pouches to them. They must be built strong and able to take on the weight of the different items that will be used on it. You could even add on retention pads to your rig which is an extra form of padding if you will be carrying quite a lot of stuff on it. These will make your shoulders feel more comfortable. You can fully utilize your chest rig by adding all the different accessories to it. They should all complement one another if they are made by the same manufacturer.
People may have this perception that you must be in the military to get a chance to use any military gear. Actually, there is quite a range of military tactical gear that is available which one will definitely find useful in some way or another. Here are a few to consider.

Many people wouldn’t think of looking to military tactical gear suppliers for quality clothes, put off by the thought of these clothes looking too ‘military’. But, it’s not true. Tactical pants are the most favorite among people. These are basically your typical cargo pants; simple cotton pants with many useful pockets. The difference from your regular, civilian manufacturer is that these pants are very hard-wearing. They come in a variety of colors, so you’re not stuck with an olive drab ‘military’ design.

The Best Chest Rig suppliers have everything from carry bags to large rucksacks, and as is the case with footwear, these products simply have to be of high quality and be comfortable even when carrying heavy loads in order to impress the intended users.

Belts and pouches

Military personnel carry a lot of stuff with them. Lanterns, Tents, helmets, handcuffs, radio, etc. These military tactical gear are generally put in pouches that attach to a tactical vest, a chest-rig or a sort of load-carrying duty belt. While some people would probably go around wearing a chest rig, attaching numerous pouches in various sizes to a sturdy nylon belt makes sense for a lot of people who carry tools around with them for work. Also, especially with products aimed at the law enforcement segment, these often come in black and won’t stand out.

The list is endless. But it is important to get the clear picture. Products that are commonly referred to as being tactical are in fact very high quality, no-nonsense, useful stuff that can and should be used by a wider audience. There are many suppliers out there and lots of sites discussing and reviewing tactical equipment. Just go and find out. See how you can use tactical gear to make your life easier.

Picking the Best Chest Right 2020 – Reviews and Quality

Because there are so many different types of chest rigs on the market, and they all are so different, I have taken it upon myself to review some of my favorite rigs.  Below you will find some great rigs that are extremely high quality, and will handle all of your needs!

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest Review

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest ReviewYou should have no doubt in your mind that the company UTG will hand you an inferior quality product.  UTG Tactical has been win the business of suppling and providing law enforcement with the most durable and safest vests and combat supplies.  They have extremely durable products, and you don’t have to worry about them falling apart.  Along with this, this vest is extremely comfortable, and it’s mesh design allows for plenty of ventilation.

This 547 LE Tactical Vest is a one size fits most design, with adjustable shoulder and waist measurements.  Along with that, this chest rig features the following specifications:

  • 4 Adjustable Rifle Magazine Pouches; Featuring Elastic to Hold Magazines Tight
  • 1 Cross-Draw Holster With Option For Belt Attachment
  • Durable Rescue Handle For Emergency Situations

Overall this is an extremely high quality vest that you should feel safe using in a law enforcement or a military type situation.  UTG is a company that is made for combat operators by combat operators, and they know what you will need when shit hits the fan.  I would recommend this to any law enforcement officers because of it’s durable and comfortable design.

I hope you have found some useful info about these military chest rigs.  Although there are quite a few different choices for chest rigs, you will really need to start thinking what you need out of your rig.  You will be able to find the best chest rig by evaluating your needs!

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