November 7, 2016

Picking the Best Kerosene Lantern For At Night Camping!

Kerosene lanterns are usually associated with far-off rural areas that don’t have electricity. Kerosene has been a constant source of cheap fuel for campers, travelers, and hikers who love traveling to distant places that have no access to the everyday luxuries of life. The kerosene lamps reduce your dependence on electricity and batteries and are pretty handy to have around the house or an outdoor adventure. Also, the aesthetic appeal of the lantern and its yellowish glow make it all the more charming. Let us discuss the many benefits of picking the best kerosene lantern followed with some detailed reviews!

What Are Kerosene Lanterns?

Best Kerosene LanternKerosene lanterns, as the name suggests, use kerosene as the major source of fuel. It is a lighting device that has been in use even before electricity was even invented! In fact, kerosene lanterns were and still are a major source of light in most parts of the world that still doesn’t have access to the electricity. The overall construction and structure of this device not only allow maximum light but is also very pretty to look at. From the traditional wick to the hour glass shaped design, everything about these lamps screams out simplicity and authenticity. If you aren’t interested in using kerosene, then you can take a look at our solar lantern page, or even our outdoor flashlights page!  Interested to know more? Browse through the benefits offered by these beautiful lamps below:

Why Do You Need Kerosene Lanterns?

Kerosene lanterns were once an integral part of every household. Of course with the advent of electricity, the demand for these lamps started to dwindle though most villages and developing parts of the world still depend on kerosene lanterns as a major source of power. And in some ways, kerosene lamps score over the other conventional lighting devices! Kerosene is considered to be environment-friendly fuel as it is non-corrosive and doesn’t really emit a lot of Co2; you can even store it for a longer time. Also, kerosene lamps are easier to light and can be operated independently.

What to Look For in The Best Kerosene Lantern:

Before you buy a kerosene lamp there are some factors that you must consider. Some of them are listed below:

  • Consider the sturdiness of the lamp and overall construction (to avoid leakages)
  • Ensure that the lamp has proper ventilation
  • Also, the strong smell of kerosene shouldn’t spread out to nearby areas
  • Go for a versatile but appealing lantern that can be used both indoors and outdoors

Picking the Best Kerosene Lamps 2018 – Reviews and Recommendations

Kerosene lamps, though efficient, can cause some pretty accidents, therefore, ensure that you  get a tough lamp. Now, getting a good quality kerosene lamp can be a tough choice. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Mentioned below are some of the top brands that have launched their own kerosene lanterns in the market. Check them out below:

V&O- 21st century 610-76114 Kerosene Lantern

vo-21st-century-610-76114-kerosene-lanternThis is what I consider the best kerosene lantern on the market.  The golden framework and authentic design of the V&O 610-76114 model make it a rage among customers. And it’s surprising how the compact and lightweight design emits blinding light that is almost as bright as a 100-watt bulb! Also, once the tank is full, the device can run for 11 hours straight. The all brass body adds on to its toughness and longevity while the sealed base ensures that there are no leakages.

The thin glass covering is tough while the set of knobs and the dimmer help you control the intensity of the light efficiently. This lamp supports a number of fuel options other than kerosene such as citronella and lamp oil.

 V&O 200-30060 Kerosene Lantern

Best Kerosene LampV&O is a well-known company known for its durable and powerful camping lanterns, ideally suited for outdoor use. The traditional frame and authentic construction of the device are pretty easy to use. The 200-30060 models come with a 12-ounce tank, a glass covering, and a removable wick. Once full, the lantern can provide light for 35 hours straight!

Also, the wicks can be replaced quite easily and usually last for about an hour. This kerosene lantern measures about 11-12 inches and can be easily carried from place to place. This camp lantern supports a wide range of fuel options- it can run on lamp oil, citronella, kerosene or liquid paraffin.

Coleman One Mantle Kerosene Lantern

Best Coleman One Mantle Kerosene LanternColeman One Mantle is a popular kerosene lantern known for its durable, dependable and efficient performance. The sturdy tough frame and practical construction ensure that you get the maximum light using the smallest amount of fuel. The rust resistant body of the lamp comes with an auto cleaner tip. And the adjustable knobs and dimmer help control the smell of kerosene from spreading out.

The Coleman One mantel model features an authentic kerosene burner that comes with a set of mantles. Try number 11 mantel that is built in the device that allows a five and half hour long light capacity. The device emits a bright clear light that can go as high as 784 lumens (about 60 watts)

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Kerosene Lantern

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Kerosene LanternColeman is another major player in the market that has been known for its powerful and superior quality kerosene lanterns that are perfect for both camping trips and household use. The Coleman Premium uses a special fuel namely Coleman’s liquid fuel (that’s just unleaded gasoline) as a power source. And once the tank is full, the lantern provides seven long hours of uninterrupted light!

You can double its performance (about 14 hours of light) if you reduce the brightness of the light using the flexible dimmer. The maximum light emitted by this device is about 861 lumens (60 watts approx.!) The tank capacity is 1.3 pints and also features a set of dual detachable mantels.

Final Thoughts – Illuminate Your Campsite

Simple, yet elegant, kerosene lanterns add on to the aesthetic appeal of the place. And though there are electric lights and advanced LEDs, nothing beats the glow and charm of a kerosene lamp. Kerosene lamps are also the only reliable source of light for outdoor camping trips and other adventures. That being said, although we reviewed a few lanterns, there are plenty of them out there which could potentially be the best kerosene lantern.  But, I would be safe with any of these choices above!

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