Finding The Best Military Watch of 2020! – Reviews and Comparisons

Last Update January 1st 2020 If you are in-need of the best military watch, you might be aware that they can vary quite a bit in the number of features and especially the price.  If you are looking for the best military watch that can truly save your life, and will last a life time, you might end up spending between $200 and $300.

Research is definitely important before buying products like these.  There are so many variations, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting.  That is why I decided to make a comparison chart that compares quite a few models, in a simple and effective way.  Without further ado here is my top military/tactical watch of 2020 comparison table.

Best Military Watch 2020 Comparison Chart

ModelWater ResistanceFeaturesRatingPrice
Casio GA100SD-8A

Casio GA100SD-8A
200 MetersShock Resistant4.6$$
Casio PAG240-1CR

Casio PAG240-1CR
100 MetersSolar Battery4.5$$$
Night Vision Infantry

Night Vision Infantry
30 MetersDurable Backlit LED4.1$
Columbia CT004

Columbia CT004-005
110 MetersDigital Compass4.1$$$
Suunto Core

Suunto Core 5
30 MetersDigital Barometer4.2$$$

As you can see there are a few different labels on this chart.  I have defined the labels below:

  • Model:  This is simply the Model/Name of the watch.
  • Water Resistance: This is how deep the watch is safely able to be.  Dive watches will obviously will be on the higher spectrum of water depth resistance.
  • Features:  This is a quick list of some of the special features that this watch is equipped with.  
  • Rating:  This is the average customer rating of the watches from
  • Price:  I chose to represent the price with the $ symbol, with a range of $-$$$$$.  The cheapest watch is $ and the most expensive is $$$$$.

Top 5 Military Watch Reviews

Because there are so many watches on the market, it is really hard to limit it to only a few different choices. Some people really need dive meters, while others need altimeters, and even others are only concerned with durability.  The “best” watch really depends on your needs!

Casio’s Men’s GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch

Casio’sCasio Men's GA100SD-8A G-Shock division has been around for quite a few years, and they have built up quite the reputation.    G-Shock’s in general are known for being quite durable, and they have a great shock resistant design, which lets them take a beating without malfunctioning.  This watch comes in a wide array of colors, and has some great features!

This watch is water resistant up to 200 meters, and has an extremely accurate speed monitor.  Along with this, it features a world time ability, which means it can be set up to nearly any time zone.  This watch comes full of features with a durable design, for a great price!

Overall this watch is a great choice!  With a weight of only 7 ounces, it is extremely light and has the ability to be taken nearly anywhere!  This is one of my very favorite watches, and I recommend it to all of my friends! Overall this has to be one of the best military watches in the market today!

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Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder

Casio Men's PAG240-1CR PathfinderFeatures

  • Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery
  • Barometer and Thermometer
  • Altimeter
  • Water Resistant Up To 100m
  • Cold Weather Resistant (Up To 14F or -10C)

This watch is really the epitome a multifunctional.  Although this watch is a little higher on the price scale, it’s definitely worth it! It is packed full of features while still having a great look, and feel for the wearer.  This watch is great for any true outdoorsman/woman because of it’s solar powered design, and it’s life saving functions.  A similar solar powered battery has actually been reported to last over twenty-five years without having to change it!  This means you could be out in the wilderness, and not have to worry about your watch dying on you!  Along with this, the watch is built in with a barometer, a thermometer, and an altimeter.  All with a durable design!

Overall this has gotten great reviews on Amazon, and I love my pair as well!  This watch feels great on the wrist, and it isn’t too big or it isn’t too small.  The watch is actually around the size of the bottom of a soda can, and the weight is just right.  I personally have been wearing mine for the past few months, and I suggest this watch to everyone I meet!

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Casio GA110RG-1A G-Shock Watch

Casio GA110RG Tactical WatchThe Casio GA110RG-1A G-Shock Military Watch is a durable watch that still looks extremely stylish!  This watch will withstand anything you or the great outdoors might throw at you!  Casio watches are known for their durability and reliability and this is no different!  This watch has quite a few standout features including the usual shock resistance that is known in G-Shocks, the durability to withstand anything, a beautiful design.  The Casio GA110RG-1A G-Shock has the following features:

  • G-Shock Shock Resistance Technology
  • Water Resistance Up To 200 Meters!
  • Japanese Quartz Movement With a Beautiful Easy to Read Digital LED Display
  • Features a 51MM Resin Case to Keep it Safe!
  • Made in the USA

Overall this Casio military watch is one of the best tactical watches you can find on the market.  It has an extremely durable design, along with some great features including the ability to take this in pretty much any amount of water!  I definitely suggest this watch, and it would be perfect to be used as a field watch or even for water sports!

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Night Vision Infantry Men’s Military Watch

Night Vision Infantry Mens MilitaryFeatures

  • Backlit Display
  • Water Resistant Up To 30 Meters
  • Chronograph With Date and Day Display
  • Stainless Steel Face

Overall, this is a great watch!  This is a pretty low entry level watch price wise, but it still serves some great functionality!  With a sleek looking design while being durable, i’d say that this is a great entry watch, and it definitely would do it’s job!

Infantry is a new company, after only being founded in 2011, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a great product!  They strive to produce a great looking product, while giving you the durability you need for life in the wilderness.  And that is exactly what they have done!  I used this as one of my first watches, and I definitely recommend it for any one that wants to dabble in the military/tactical watch game!

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Tactical Watches – Buyers Guide!

Everyone has different reasons and looks for different things when buying a tactical watch, and that’s why it can be difficult to simply recommend a single watch.  Because everyone might be looking at something slightly different, I put together this buyers guide to really go in-depthly on the differences, and what you may or may not need in a watch.

Watch Movement Type

A watch movement also known as the calibre, is the engine of the watch.  The internal mechanism is what moves the hands and powers all the functions of the watch.  Talking about these movements, there are two main categories, Mechanical and Quartz.

Mechanical Movements are generally the choice for my luxury watches.  This is because of the craftsmanship needed and the intricate and beautiful designs.  This provides a smooth transition with the clock hands, and it doesn’t use a battery.  These watches are powered by energy from a spring instead of a battery, and that means it must be wound up every once in a while.

Quartz Movements are generally the choice for more durable and sport watches.  These are powered by a battery, and are very accurate while being low maintenance.  This is great for military watches because you don’t need to worry about one little bump throwing the whole watch out of whack.  Therefore, generally my choice is to alway go with quartz movement watches if you plan to take them outdoors.


With technology advancing, the batteries used in watches has been slowly changing.  Back only a decade or two ago the idea of solar powered batteries for watches was only a dream, but now it is something that you need to consider!  The type of battery can definitely affect the price of the watch, and of course how often you might need to change the battery.

Solar batteries typically have a pretty long life with the average being around 10 – 15 years.  While a regular battery in a quartz watch might only last 3 – 5 years.  Along with this, generally speaking solar powered batteries are more expensive than regular watch batteries.

I think you should take a look at solar watch if any of the following sounds like you:

  • You Are Outdoors a Lot (I.E. Camping/Hiking)
  • You Don’t Want To Replace Your Watch Batteries
  • You Like Renewable Energy Watches


Obviously, durability is of huge importance with these types of watches.  Because of that, they need to be crafted out of strong material that will keep the internal pieces inline and that won’t scratch and crack.  Along with this, you also need to take into account water resistance.  Some of the lower end watches can withstand being in water up to about 30 meters, but some of the more luxury tactical watches are fully designed for scuba, and can handle nearly any depth.  Also, each and every watch has a different threshold for weather.  Certain watches will stop working after it gets colder than a certain temperature, but each watch is different!

Here Are Some Durability Features To Be Aware Up For Your Watch:

  • Water Resistance: As mentioned, some watches can merely handle rain, while others are built for scuba and can used at nearly any depth in water.
  • Temperature Resistance: Some watches aren’t exactly built to withstand a huge range of temperatures.  For example, I owned a watch that specifically stated that it couldn’t handle temperature under zero degrees Fahrenheit, obviously this wouldn’t be a great choice if you were going on an Arctic expedition.
  • Fall Durability: Some watches are built tougher than others.  There are some watches like a G-Shock that are built to be knocked around and can withstand a beating no matter what situation you are in.  Because of this, if you are doing something where the possibility of your watch getting beat up is prevalent, you will want a watch that can truly take a beating.


There are quite a few different watch features or complications out there, and if you are looking for a watch, these can really differentiate these products.  Each watch is different, and what feature you need is dependent on your use for the watch.


Having a watch that is equipped with a compass and an altimeter can really save your skin if you are lost, and need some navigation tools.  Having an altimeter on your watch can give you an accurate altitude which can help you find basecamp if you are out in the mountains.  Along with an altimeter, a compass is always an important tool, especially on a watch.  If you are using your new watch for any outdoor activity including military use, camping/hiking use, then you should definitely have a compass and an altimeter on your watch to keep you safe.


Along with a compass and altimeter, more advanced watches can be outfitted with a barometer.  Barometers are used to measure atmospheric pressure.  This is extremely important in forecasting the weather which can save your life if you are in the outdoors!  Having a barometer on your wrist-watch gives you the ability to see if there are storms coming your way when you are out in the middle of the wilderness with no access to another weather source.  This could be extremely helpful when mountaineering or somewhere where snowfall could be a big danger.

Diver Gauge

If you plan on bringing your watch into deep water, then first you definitely need to make sure your watch can withstand the water, and is suitable for deep water.  If you watch is suitable for these depths, then more than likely it is going to be outfitted with a diver gauge or depth gauge.  This is extremely important for divers and military alike.  This gauge will tell you how deep you are in the water, this is extremely important knowledge for anyone that is scuba diving or deep water diving.  I have seen dive watches with both digital and analog diver depth gauges.  These are both pretty accurate, so I it’s really up to your personal preference as to which you want to go with.

Military Watch History

To people today, the wrist watch has been around for as long as we’ve known, but it actually isn’t that old.  It is known that the first idea of a wrist watch came out of the German military right before World War One.  When a night-watch soldier was standing guard, he had both his hands on a machine, but he wanted to check the time, but he couldn’t pull out his pocket watch.  Because of this, the idea for a wrist watch was created for military use and it premiered in the Berlin Trade Show.

This was a very rudimentary design, but over the years it began to evolve and new features were added.  Soon enough we were left with the tough watch that we are all used to today.

Types of Tactical Watches

To help you differentiate from all the different types of watches, there are generally three different types of tactical watches.  They are each slightly different, and you need to look at what you need in a watch to decide which type is the best for you.  Some of these watches are better suited for different activities, and some of these can be used as a general use tool.  Overall, knowing what type of watch something is, will help you pick out the best military watch possible.

Field Watch:

Field watches are probably the biggest category of watches.  They are generally built tough, and they are made to take a beating and get the job done.  These are very low maintenance and are great for ground units that need basic features.  That being said, there are definitely higher end models that have a more specialized set of features if needed.  If you are struggling to picture what a field watch is, picture an early Army watch, that is built for durability and also functionality.  I have also heard these called simply tool watches because of their functionality, but in general field watches make the best tactical watch.  Overall these are the watches that make great hiking and camping type watches because they are durable enough to take a beating, but they will serve you well and help you survive.  I personally love these watches, and it’s hard to go wrong with them.

Navigator Watch:

This navigator watch comes featured with barometers and altitude gauges!

This navigator watch comes featured with barometers and altitude gauges!

These are really specialized watches that are perfect for anyone that needs highly advanced navigational tools.  These are great for pilots and even military and law enforcement.  These are typically resistant to rapid pressure changes like pilots and parachutists endure.  Along with these functions, many of these navigator watches are fixed with tritium gas tubes in the display.  These are a different type of light source other than battery which often have a life of over 25 years.  These are great because you don’t need to worry about the battery dying any you not being able to see the display, with this function, you don’t have to worry because they will always be there for you.  Navigator watches have been around since around the first World War I pilots.  They have earned their place as something that all pilots should have experience with.  They are part of their current day kits as pilots.  Overall I recommend taking a look at these types of watches if you are a pilot or even if you want a luxury watch that has some great functionality!

Dive Watch:

A great Rolex Submariner dive watch!

A great Rolex Submariner dive watch!

I touched on this earlier, but these watches are really for people that are in need of watches that can withstand huge amounts of water, and need underwater functions.  These are made for scuba diving, and are generally a main piece of a Navy Seals kit.  Along with their water abilities, these also are fitted with depth gauges to help divers keep track of how deep they are.  There is a difference between water resistant and water proof.  Many watches are at least a little water resistant.  All this means is that it can with stand some water being splashed on it.  But obviously some of the best dive watches takes this ten steps further and some are actually capable of being up to 200 yards under water.  This makes them great for scuba divers who are going to be at great depths for an extended period of time.

Final Thoughts on Military Watches

Overall there are hundreds of different watches, and it’s really hard to say which is the best military watch of 2020, as they all have their own unique features.  But hopefully my page has helped give you some information to make the best possible choice on which watch is for you.  Overall, all the watches I have featured on this page are watches that I personally have used and recommend.  They all are quality, and they literally can save your life!