November 2, 2016

Picking the Best Mora Knife to Keep You Alive!

A certain Nordic proverb goes, “a Knifeless Man is a Lifeless Man”. Mora knives, whose name derives from the town Mora in Sweden, are Scandinavian woodcraft sheath knives that also fall under the category of survival knives. Mora knives are majorly favored due to their superior sharpness of edge, their more than comfortable and friendly grip, and mostly for their incomparable ability to carve out wood the way you want or being useful in any survival situation you got. I would go into details but let us first take a look at the some of the best Mora Knives in the market.

Picking the Best Mora Knife 2018 – Reviews and Quality

Just like many other tactical tools, there are hundreds of different options for Mora knives.  That being said, after spending quite a bit of my childhood hunting and camping, I’ve tried out my fair share of different Mora knives.  Because of this, I have compiled my favorite Mora knives below, and included a quick review for all of them.  I hope this helps to narrow down your options in your search!

Mora Classic #2; Carbon Knife

Mora Classic Number 2 Knife ReviewThis product was first made over a century ago and has been through a lot of evolution since, yet is among the most preferred Mora Knives of all times. The blade is made of carbon steel, about 4.17 inches long, clip pointed and plain edged with a polished finish. It gives longevity if kept properly clean and dry. The blade has the traditional wood handle made of red ochre Birch, about 4.7 inches long, has a streamlined body for better grip and is very sturdy. It comes with a plastic sheath with a belt clip.

With a little maintenance once in a while, this knife could prove to be one of the finest out there if you want to, say, go on a hunting trip or carve wood as a hobby and so on. It is very much affordable. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty for materials and manufacturing defects – another reason to love Morakniv (Mora of Sweden) products.

Morakniv Companion, Military Green Stainless, Orange

Morakniv Companion Knife ReviewThis is another awesome knife from Morakniv. It has a sturdy Sandvik stainless steel fixed blade, 4.01 inches in length, clip pointed and scandi-ground edged with a fine polished finish. The special edge makes it corrosion-resistant and highly dependable. The handle is made of hard rubber with a high-friction and patterned surface that provides great grip. It is 4.5 inches long, curved to fit your hand and orange in color. The blade comes with a plastic sheath with a belt clip.

The scandi-ground edge, along with protecting the blade from corrosion also makes it easier to sharpen it if or when needed. It is a very affordable product that also comes with a lifelong warranty from Morakniv.  Overall this is a great Mora knife, that is great for many outdoors situations.  I have owned this Morakniv for quite a few years and it is still sharp and it is still in my tool belt today!  I recommend this nice if you are looking for a compact knife that will stay sharp, and stay with you for years to come!

Mora Bushcraft Black Outdoors Knife

Mora Bushcraft Knife ReviewThis is yet another good choice for those who want an all-rounder. This knife has a fixed, carbon steel blade with a black coating to protect it from corrosion and other damage, it is 4.33 inches long, clip pointed and plain edged. The handle is made of hard rubber and has an extremely comfortable and strong grip, is 4.9 inches in length and black in color. It is highly ergonomic and frictional, making you feel totally in control over your work. Moreover, the 2nd best feature of this knife, after it being multi-purpose, is that it comes with a plastic sheath that has a very efficient fire starter and a diamond sharpening stone attached to it. The fire starter can go on for over 7000 strikes and even works when wet.

This product too comes with a lifelong warranty for materials and manufacturing defects. It costs a little more than the previous knives as I have mentioned, but if you consider all the extra features of it, you would probably deem it justified.  Overall this is a quality crafted knife that is great for most outdoor situations, and I definitely recommend you take a look at it!

Mora Garberg Bushcraft Full Tang Knife

Mora Garberg Bushcraft Knife ReviewThis product again, is an all rounder. The first ‘Full Tang’ knife manufactured by Morakniv, it is useful at home, in the garden, on a hunting trip or on a fishing trip and can survive any tough situation that comes in its way. The blade is made of Sandvik stainless steel, about 4.25 inches in length, drop pointed, scandi-ground edged and has a light matt finish to it.

The scandi grind of the blade keeps it sharp in the long run, by helping us sharpening it better than plain edged knives. Also, the blade’s back grind can help start a fire. The handle is made of polyamide, about 4.7 inches long, black in color and has a patterned design with a matt finish that gives it an extremely strong and comfortable grip.

The sheath, as it is already specified in the name, is a multi-mount. It is MOLLE compatible, so you can mount it on and off anywhere you want quickly. Moreover, the knife comes out of the sheath smoothly, making it easy for you to pull it out whenever necessary at a moment’s notice.

This one, like other Morakniv products, comes with a lifetime warranty.

How to Choose the Best Mora Knife

Best Mora KnifeNow that you know the different types of Mora knives out there, it doesn’t mean you can just buy any random one. There are certain criteria that you have to keep in mind before you buy a Mora Knife. First of all, you have to decide your main purpose behind buying the knife, whether it is general work or some specific need, depending on which you will choose the length and strength of your blade.

Next, you have to choose whether you want carbon steel which is easier to sharpen or stainless steel blade which has more durability.

Then, you have to consider the handle, its size, and grip, since, you don’t want a too small or too big or too slippery handle and cause any injury.

Next on the list is the type of sheath, of which various choices are available in the market.

And last but not the least, you have decided upon your budget. But, as you must have understood by now, Morakniv products are not only highly efficient but economical too. So, no problem there!

Maintenance of a Mora Knife

Although Mora Knives do not need much maintenance for that matter, it is still better to do at least a few things to ensure the longevity of your knife. If you have a stainless steel blade, it is better to wash it with warm water and may be a gentle soap and leave it to dry. But, in case of carbon steel blade, you have to keep it well protected from moisture and make it a habit of wiping the blade with some oil dipped cloth after every usage. This way, your blade life will increase. Also, you can browse online for tips to lengthen you blade’s life.

Final Thoughts on Mora Knives

Mora knives have stood the test of time to prove time and again that they are the ideal tools for virtually any situation, either indoor or outdoor. The products range from small but sturdy knives to long and sustainable ones while being extremely user-friendly with their mostly multi-purpose sheathes. The products I have mentioned are the most preferred ones in the market. But, of course, there are millions of other great Mora knives for you to choose from, that are not Morakniv products, but, I, personally prefer this brand and can vouch for it. My advice would be to go for a quality knife that is within your budget, and you are good to go.

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