January 5, 2018

Best Reloading Kit For Beginners 2020 – Reload Your Own Cartridges!

Last Updated January 5th 2020: We live in a world where you might be faced with a situation where you will need to rely on a firearm for survival.  Whether this is for hunting, or unfortunately, for self-defense.  That being said, if you are an avid hunter, you will realize how expensive ammunition can be.  Thankfully, with a little practice, and the right set of reloading press and tools, you can save a huge amount of money!  In this guide below you will find our recommendations for the best reloading kit for beginners to learn and use!

What is a Reloading Kit?

Best Reloader Kit For BeginnersReloading presses or reloading kits are used for “re-rolling ammunition” and creating ammunition.  The essential pieces to these reloading kits is a kit, scales, dies, a powder measurer, and a few household tools.  These kits come in three different types, single stage press, turret press, and a progressive press.  The majority of these reloading press kits we will be talking about in this guide will be based around the single stage presses, and turret presses, because these are the most beginner friendly.

What is the Best Reloader Kit For Beginners in 2020 – Reviews and Tips

Reloading can be a semi-difficult process for a beginner, but once you get it down pat, it’s not only an easy process, but you will save thousands in ammunition.  Along with this, because there are a few different types of reloader kits, and multiple companies that offer kits, it can be difficult to choose the correct one.  Thankfully, when I was first learning about reloader presses I did a huge amount of research, and I have compiled this list of my favorite reloader presses for beginners to use!

Lee Precision Classic Turret Reloader Kit

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit ReviewIf you have done any research on reloader kits, then you probably have heard of Lee Precision.  This company has been around since 1958, and it has dedicated itself around providing the best reloader equipment on the market.  This Lee Precision Classic turret reloader kit is one of my first suggestions to beginners because of its simple design, and its quality design.  Along with this, this kit includes everything you will need to start home reloading, and you can begin immediately!

This kit, is a turret style reloader, which makes it great for beginners, while still providing some great usability!  This turret when fully operational can produce in excess of 250 rounds per hour!  Along with the turret and dies, this kit includes an Auto-Drum powder measure and riser which is extremely efficient for low caliber rounds for rifles and handguns.  This kit also includes the following tools:

  • Case Cutter
  • Chamfer Tool
  • Lock Stud
  • Two Primer Pocket Cleaners (One Large, One Small)
  • Lee Case Sizing Tube
  • Lee Safety Powder Scale
  • 2nd Edition Modern Reloading Tutorial by Lee Precision
  • Note: You will need to purchase a charging die for your handgun or rifle caliber

Overall this is an extremely easy to use, but efficient reloading press.  I would recommend this to someone that is a complete beginner or has minimal experience hand-loading.  This beginner kit is designed to be pretty user friendly, and if you read the Modern Reloading book that comes with the kit, then you will will be pointed in the right direction.  That being said, if you are a beginner looking to get into reloading, then this is your best option!

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Rock Chucker 9354 RC Supreme Master Reloading Kit

Rock Chucker 9354 RC Supreme Reloading Kit ReviewThe second reloading kit on our list is the RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit!  RCBS was originally created in 1943, and they purely focus on reloading equipment, and they have a mighty fine level of quality!  Compared to our first kit, this is a bit more premium of a kit, and I would recommend it for those who are ready to invest for the long term.  That being said, the price tag on this kit is a bit higher than the Lee Precision, but the quality truly makes up for it.

This Rock Chucker kit comes with absolutely everything you will need to begin reloading.  This is a turret type reloader, which makes it great for those who need the ability to make over 250 rounds per hour.  Along with this, this reloader kit has been modified to help fit the longer cartridges of the modern world.  This kit features the following pieces:

  • Rock Chucker Supreme Turret Press
  • M500 Mechanical Scale
  • Uniflow Powder Measurer
  • RCBS Hand Priming Tool
  • Universal Case Load Block
  • Hex Key Set
  • A Set of Case Lube
  • Funnel for Easy Powder Pouring
  • Nosler Reloading Manual

The design and quality of this kit, is truly second to none.  This is the type of press that will be a work horse for pretty much any type of ammunition you need, and it will last you years!  The ambidextrous handle and the pure craftsmanship makes reloading incredibly satisfying and efficient with this set.  Along with this, this set is manufactured in a light-weight but sturdy design that won’t take up more room than it needs.

Overall this is the best choice for best reloading kit for beginners if money is not an option.  It is easy and simple enough to use that I recommend it to beginner reloaders, but it also has the functionality and the craftsmanship that pros can use it!  In the end of the day, if you are looking for a reloading kit, and you are willing to invest money into your long term ammunition savings, then this is the press and kit for you!

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