November 7, 2016

Picking the Best Shemagh For a Firefight or Hunting!

Last Updated January 11th, 2018 Ever noticed the army men and shooters wearing a scarf like thing that covers their mouths? That’s a shemagh, originally an Arab headdress that is now adopted in the military uniform. Shemaghs are an integral part of the military uniform and is mostly used by troops and army men who are patrolling and fighting at the borders. A shemagh is basically a 42-inch scarf that protects a person from sun, dust, rain and cold.  These have been outfitted for many different battalions, and the best shemagh is chosen mainly by the terrain they will be stationed in.

It is especially popular among the US troops who have picked up this particular outfit choice from the Middle East countries that they have been stationed in. Let us know more about the different features and advantages of shemaghs along with some of the best one available in the market:

Tactical Shemagh Comparison Table



Tapps Collection Premium Shemagh

42 x 42 inch18 Available4.8$$

Fox Outdoors Tactical Shemagh

Best Military Shemagh

43 x 41 Inch15 Available4.5$

Rothco Men's Shemagh

Rothco Shemagh

40 x 40 Inch15 Available4.6$$

Hirbawi Tactical Shemagh

Hirbawi Premium Arabic Scarf

47 x 47 Inch16 Available5$$$

Explore Land Shemagh

43 x 41 Inch13 Available4.6$$

As you can see there are quite a few different options available, and as we go along I will help you by reviewing a few different options.  Some of these headscarves are truly meant to be just decorative.  Others are truly authentic and are designed to be battle tested and worn out in the elements.  To help find the best product for you, you really need to narrow down what your needs are.  If you are looking for a scarf you can wear into battle then you need something that is not only durable, but you also need to think about the environment you will be in, and the color pattern you need.  If you are just looking for a headscarf to wear when you are out hiking or camping and want to be protected from the sun or wind, then you want a comfortable design, and the color pattern doesn’t matter as much.

What Are Shemaghs?

Best ShemaghAlso known as a shemagh, keffiyeh, and other exotic regional names, Shemaghs are a traditional headdress in countries such as Iran, Iraq, and other Middle East countries. It is mostly worn by the locals as a headdress or a scarf to protect them from the extremities of climate and protect their heads from rain, dust and other dangers.

Today, the Shemaghs are also used by the military, particularly by the US troops for either hiding their identities or securing their heads and faces from excessive heat and sunlight. You can also wear it as a hunting gear to camouflage with your surroundings, and protect your face from the cold or wind.

The Benefits Offered by a Shemagh

A shemagh is perhaps the best protection against the tough climatic conditions in the desert and other equatorial regions. This 42-inch cloth can prove pretty useful if you’re out camping, hunting or patrolling the tropical countries during the war. It offers your head, eyes, nose and mouths the much-needed protection from dust, sunlight, and rain. This all-weather clothing is specially designed for a survivalist or an adventurer who indulges in a lot of outdoor activity. But other than that, the Shemagh can also be used for hiding your identity or blending in with the crowd. The multiple khaki shades of these fabrics help you blend in with your surroundings helping you in hunting and other activities.

Along with this, these scarves or head dressings are extremely comfortable to wear, and are great for windburn or sand burn.  These are often used by Special Operations units to both conceal their identity, and to protect their face from the winds and the sand of the dessert in the Middle East.

How to Wear a Shemagh!

I could try to explain and take some pictures of all the different ways to wear a shemagh, but I actually found a great video that shares 21 different ways to wear these pieces!  As you can see there are quite a few different ways to wear a shemagh.  As for these methods, each person prefers a different way, so my suggestion is to just wear it in a way that is comfortable to you.  That being said, each different method might have a different fit, and that might influence how secure the headdress is on your head and face.  If you are planning on wearing it during battle then I would find the method that ties it most securely on your head.

Picking the Best Shemagh 2018 – Reviews & Quality

While earlier the Shemaghs were just used for military or local purposes, today, they have become quite a trend among travelers. Also, this exotic piece of clothing complements your rugged look perfectly. And an increase in the popularity of this headdress has led to a lot of companies launching their own Shemaghs in the markets. Read on to know more about the top brands in the market in the reviews given below.

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf by Tapp Collections

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf by Tapp CollectionsThe premium quality Shemaghs from Tapps collections is among the most fashionable head scarfs in the market that are known for their unique design and durable fabric. This is probably the best tactical shemagh on the market for both military and for camping or hiking.  Tapps combine the best of authenticity and style making some simple alterations in the overall design of the scarf. It features long tassels and other detailed patterns that differentiate it from its peers. Also, the 100% cotton construction and strong knots make it a tough and rugged scarf ideal for outdoors. The 42 inch shemagh can effectively protect you from the changes in the weather and is thus, best suited for hunting, camping and military purposes.

Tapps provides quality apparel, and these shemaghs are no different.  I have owned quite a few of these pieces, and each one has lasted through everything I have thrown at it.  Along with this, with all the different styles and colors available you are pretty much guaranteed to find one that is perfect for any situation.  For example, I have a few that blend perfectly with every environment, which would be extremely beneficial for a firefight or hunting a like.  These are the types of clothes that I would recommend for someone that really needs a durable piece of fabric.  These things can take a beating and will actually provide you with a good amount of facial protection.  If you are a hunter, or in the military, then the Tapps Premium is the best head dress for you!

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Fox Outdoor Tactical Shemagh: Great For Outdoors and Firefights

Best Military ShemaghThe Fox outdoor tactical Shemagh is available in 15 attractive and practical colors that are perfect for outdoor wear. You can carry it on your hunting trips and the camping adventures or even use it while working on a construction site.

An ideal companion for those long hours under the blistering sun, the Fox Shemagh is average sized, measuring about 42 inches. Also, the use of 100% cotton makes it an ideal outfit option for other seasons as well. You can wear this head scarf all year long, the light, airy and spacious Shemagh keeps you comfortable every time.

The thing I enjoy about the Fox Outdoor Tactical shemagh is that it really does have some unique and stylish patterns.  Along with this, because it is 100% cotton, it is extremely absorbent, and is extremely helpful with the sun beating down on top of you.  This is the type of product that I would recommend for people that are looking for a comfortable solution that they can wear all day.  Because of the soft cotton design. it is extremely comfortable and really helps to keep you cool in the hot sun.  Overall, it’s a great choice for those looking for some protection from the elements, and with the variety of color patterns available, then you will definitely find something that will work for you!

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ROTHCO Men’s Shemagh: Comfortable Design

Rothco ShemaghThis all in one ROTHCO Men’s Shemagh is best for hunting, traveling and military uses. The average sized 42-inch surface area of the scarf can be folded and stored quite easily, also the 100% pure cotton construction and strong knots ensure durability and efficient protection from the changes in temperature.

A great thing about this piece is that it is manufactured by Rothco, who has been around for quite a few years, and they are known for their military and tactical apparel.  That being said, it is one of those companies that you should trust with their quality and their support.  If you are interested in other Rothco products, take a look at our Rotcho M-65 Jacket review!

Available in shades of green, brown such as desert tan and coyote brown, this Shemagh also camouflages you from the dangers lurking out there. The lightweight fabric of the head scarf further ensures comfort and breath-ability.  Overall this is a great design for people that are looking for a comfortable design that is light weight enough to be used for a little bit of protection from the elements.

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Hirbawi Premium Arabic Scarf: Authentic Design

Hirbawi Premium Arabic ScarfThe Hirbawi Premium Arabic scarf originally made in Palestine is considered to be among the best Shemaghs in the market. The soft, light and breathable 100% cotton fabric is combined with a simple yet intricate knitting pattern to make this head scarf a fashionable and practical outfit option.

The traditional stitches and large surface area of the scarf (about 47 x 47 inches or 15 square feet) make it an authentic Arab garb that is now adopted by most military men and travelers. The Hirbawi is available in black and olive colors that would easily blend in with the surroundings.  If you are a military man, or looking for an authentic piece, then this should be pretty high up on your list.

This shemagh is probably the highest quality of any of them that I have tested, and it really is pretty authentic.  It is 100% cotton as well with colors that are both beneficial in a firefight and extremely authentic to the Middle Eastern culture.  I know a handful of military operators that always choose Hirbawi when they are going overseas because of its quality and its authenticity.  If you are looking for a scarf that will help you blend in with the locals, then this one will pass off that authentic look.

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Explore Land Cotton Military Shemagh

This typical 41 inches Military Shemagh by Explore Land is big enough to wrap your head and face. Made from 100% cotton, this scarf features loads of intricate and complicated knots and weaving patterns that heavily contribute to the toughness and durability of the Shemagh.

Also, the head scarf uses a heavier fabric than its peers, this absorbs all the sweat and is pretty breathable as well so that you don’t suffocate in all the extra heat. And though it is smaller than most other head scarfs, the overall construction renders it handy for outings and military patrolling.

Overall these Explore Land 100% cotton shemaghs are pretty high quality and they come in quite a few natural colors and styles which are great for active military and for hunting as well.  I would recommend these for both active military and outdoorsman alike.

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Final Thoughts on Outdoors & Combat Shemagh’s

Thus, a Shemagh is a multi-purpose head scarf that can become an integral part of your tactical outfit and outdoor wear. This practical and appealing headdress offers protection all year round and can be quite handy if you’re going out on a hike or for a camping trip. The rough and tough design and comfortable material of a Shemagh make it a pleasant investment.

Overall these pieces of apparal will pay for themselves ten times over.  They are simply so versatile and they simply make bad situations better.  They can keep you cool and they will protect you from the sun, along with that they can wrap over your face and protect that as well.  There is a reason these pieces are growing in both active military and in general outdoorsman a like, they simply do so much!  But, if you are planning on purchasing one, I would suggest you look at one of the ones in our best shemagh list!

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