January 8, 2017

The Best Snake Boots – The Ultimate Buyers Guide!

The Best Snake Boots – Protect Your Feet!

No matter if you work outside on a daily basis, or you are an avid hunter or hiker, picking the proper footwear is a vital decision!  You must pick something that gives your feet support, keeps them warm and comfortable, and more than anything else, keeps your feet safe!  And this is where finding the best snake boots is an incredibly important decision.

Many people worry about buying a pair of hiking boots that will keep their feet dry, but one over looked feature is the protection that your feet deserve.  That is why looking for a pair of snake boots can provide you with the comfort that you are looking for as well as a complete protection from snakes and other critters.  Along with boots, whenever you are in the wilderness you need the correct clothing that will protect you from animals and the weather, like a shemagh.

What Are Snake Boots?

Snake boots are similar to other hiking boots, however instead of being a low cut boot, they go up higher on your leg to protect you from any striking snakes.

Best Snake Boots

Snake boots are typically made out of a combination of leather and rubber that provides the wearer with the best possible protection from snakes as well as a a comfortable wear.

These boots are designed to protect the wearer from being bitten by snakes.  It is reported that over 5.5 million snake bites occur annually with around 90,000 deaths because of snake bites each year worldwide.  Being bitten by a snake is becoming a common occurrence for hunters, hikers, and outdoor workers but most outdoorsman don’t have an IFAK Pouch with medicine to treat snack bites.

Depending on where you live, you have a higher chance of being bitten by venomous snakes which could lead to serious injury and possibly death.  Snake bites can be incredibly dangerous for anyone, especially if there aren’t treated quickly.  Which is a common case when the person is hunting or hiking in the middle of the wilderness.

That is why it is so important to wear the best snake boots on the market!  These boots will protect you from being bitten by a snake, and are also incredibly comfortable no matter what the temperature is.

Most snake boots are made out of incredibly durable and comfortable materials so you can walk around all day in your boots and it will feel like you are walking on a cloud!

These boots are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damaging your boots when you are hiking through wet and muddy terrain.

The Best Snake Boots:

1. LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot:

LaCrosse has been making incredibly hiking and hunting boots for years, but these LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent Snake Boots are amazing!  I have purchased and tested many different types of boots and this style is my favorite by far.

Lacrosse Venom scent snake boots are the best snake boots

These boots are 18″ tall which will provide you with incredible protection all the way from your toes to nearly up to your knee.  This is the amount of protection that is vital when you spend a large amount of time in the outdoors!

These snake boots provide you with amazing protection because of the durable leather material that it is made out of.  This not only provides you with protection, but it allows you to know for sure that your boots are durable and will last for years!

The boots will provide you with a snug fit that will be as or as loose as you are comfortable with because the boots of laces all the way from the toe up to the knee.  This makes sure that your foot is comfortable in the boot as well as stays secure and won’t wiggle around.  The LaCrosse Venom Scent Snake Boots also have a zipper on the side of the boot that allows the wearer to squeeze in and out of the boot with ease.

Many snake boots provide good protection, but the LaCrosse Snake boots provide the very best protection that is one of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn!  I can wear these boots of hours on end without having to worry about my feet hurting at the end of the day.

One feature that not many snake boots have, is complete and incredibly waterproof designs.  These snake boots are 100% water proof, they will keep your feet dry no matter where you are hiking.

These boots come in multiple different colors and designs so you will be able to find a pair that will work for hunting or work!

At the end of the day I absolutely love these snake boots and I personally think they are the best snake boots on the market!  I highly recommend them!

2. Rocky ProLight Snake Boots:

The Rocky ProLight Snake Boots are one of the best lightweight boots on the planet!  They are made out of a combination of leather and fabric that provides you with great protection that is also incredibly light and comfortable.

Rocky ProLight Snake Boots are the best snake boots

These boots are much lighter than many other pairs that are on the market but have less protection than other pairs.  These boots are not only more lightweight but they also smaller than the Lacrosse pair of boots.  The Rocky ProLight Snake Boots are only 16″ compared to the previous pair that are 18″ tall.

These boots will go all the way from your toes to up to the middle of your shin.  They are more lightweight which is a good thing for long distance hikers, but I prefer a pair of boots that are a bit more sturdy and offer more protection.

Overall, these Rocky ProLight Snake Boots are an awesome pair of boots and many people believe they are one of the best snake boots that money can buy.

3.  MuckBoots Pursuit Snake Boots:

MuckBoots is a pretty common name in the boot industry and that is because they are incredibly reliable and have been making durable boots for years.

muckboots Snake boots are the best snake boots

These snakeboots from MuckBoots are 100% completely rubber which provides a lighter and more flexible boot.  Rubber snake boots are known for their durability.  With proper care, I wouldn’t be surprised if you buy a pair of boots that last for at least four or five years.

I purchased a pair of these boots for my brother in law, and he has worn them every week through rough terrain and they show no signs of damage.

The only complaint I have with these boots is that they are slip on boots with straps instead of laces.  I have a personal preference that I enjoy boots with laces, however I know many people who enjoy slip on boots with straps better.

I highly recommend these boots to everyone!  They are definitely one of the best snake boots that you can buy!


I have been using snake boots for years and I can tell you from personal experience how important these boots are!  That is why I highly recommend buying the best snake boots on the market.

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