Find The Best Tactical Flashlight of 2020! – Comparisons and Reviews!

Last Update: January 1st 2020 If you are someone that loves the outdoors and you are looking for a top rated tactical flashlight, then look no further!  After having a cheap flashlight fall apart on me when I was out in the Canadian wilderness at night, I knew I needed to invest some money into a quality flashlight.  Ever since that experience, I am always prepared!  You would be surprised how many times just having a light has saved me from dangerous situations, so you really need to be prepared with the best tactical flashlight of 2020 possible!

Best Tactical FlashlightA tactical flashlight is going to supply you with a ton more light than your standard Target or Walmart brand flashlight.  These tools generally come with a set of specifications that are a little different than just a normal light.  For example, these are some of the things you should look at when looking at a tactical light.

Best Tactical Flashlight 2020 Comparison

Because there are quite a few different products on the market, and they are each slightly different, it can be extremely difficult to do research on the best flashlight.  Because of this, I decided to build a comparison table.  This makes it extremely simple for you guys to pick a tool that will be good for you!

Tactical FlashlightsLumensWeightLengthPriceRating
Streamlight HL

Streamlight 88040 1
6007.2 oz5.2 In.$$$5
Streamlight 2L

SL ProTac 2L
1804.8 oz7.1 In.$$4
Streamlight Strion

streamlight strion
2605.3 oz8.7 In.$$$4.75
Coast HP17Tac

61516 oz14.9 In.$$$4.4

MageLite MAGS
100*14.1 oz16.5 In.$4
Streamlight Stinger

Streamlight Stinger 6
35013.6 oz10.9 In.$$$$4.8
SureFire E2D

Surefire e2d
5003.7 oz5.4 In.$$$$$5
Nebo Redline Tact.

Nebo 5620 9
2206.85 oz4.5 In.$4

Table Key:

  • Tactical Flashlights: This is the title of each flashlight.
  • Lumens: This is the amount of lumen output that these flashlights produce.
  • Weight: This is the weight of each flashlight with batteries in.
  • Length: This is the length of each flashlight.
  • Price: This is my price gauge.  It is a $-$$$$$ rating, the more $’s the more it costs.
  • Rating: This is the average rating from Amazon.

Now in the end, this is just a tiny, tiny percentage of the total number of products on the market.  I could spend years reviewing different types, but these are the flashlights that I personally have used, and I would recommend to any of my friends!  Each light is a little bit different, so hopefully this will help you pick the best tactical flashlight for your needs!

My Top Five Tactical Flashlight Reviews:

There are literally hundreds of different lights, and I have tried quite a few different ones.  There are small variations that can make each one slightly better or worse depending on your needs.  I have tried out quite a few of these different lights, and the sheer variety in these lights is astounding.  Some of them have quite a few different modes, while others have the ability to be used underwater.  There are so many that tailor to specific needs that you might have.  That being said, I have tried my best to compile a list and review my top three favorite lights!

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL

Streamlight88040 ProTac HL

What We Have To Say: 

The Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL is one of the first tactical flashlights I have ever owned.  It got great reviews from my friends so I decided to pick one up, and wow!

This flashlight is a workhorse!  It has a nice size and it doesn’t feel overly bulky, but this thing is powerful!  With 600 lumens you don’t have to worry about not having a strong enough beam.

Along with that, this light is quite durable.  I have dropped this flashlight off small cliffs on more than one occasion and although it was a little scratched, it all still worked!  So if you are someone that needs something rough and tough, or if you just want something that will constantly work, then the Streamlight is the best tactical flashlight for you!


  • Made From Aircraft Aluminum
  • C4 LED Technology With 600 Lumen Max Output (33 Lumens on Low)
  • Battery Life of About 1.5 Hours on Max and 18 Hours on Low
  • Waterproof
  • Beam Distance of 253 Meters on High, and 57 Meters on Low
  • Lifetime Warranty on The LED Bulb

Overall this is a great flashlight!  The price recently took a drop on Amazon, so you have no excuses not to pick it up!  I would recommend this product to anyone that needs a reliable tactical light, that when they need it, they will know it will work!

You Can Check Out The Current Price and Reviews at Amazon!

Solaray Pro ZX-2 Review

Solaray Pro ZX-2 Pro Flashlight ReviewThe salary Pro ZX-2 is a great flashlight for anyone that is need of a bright light in any situation.  Solaray has been in the flashlight market for the past ten or so years, and they are known for their reliability.  The Pro ZX-2 is no different, it will work when you need it to, and it’s also featured with an extremely powerful light output!  The Solaray is powered by rechargeable battery with a 3.7c lithium ion battery (includes charger).

One for the features that really stood out to me when I was looking at this flashlight was the 1200 lumen max output!  That truly gives you the ability to light up a forest if you need it to!  The 1200 lumen ability is supported by the excellent XML T6 Cree silicon single die LED chip, which gives it extreme power along with amazing reliability.  This makes it a great choice for a security job, or camping deep in the wilderness.

Along with these features the Solaray comes with a pocket sized Mini Pro-1 pocket flashlight that would be great as an EDC flashlight.   For the price of one great flashlight you get a flashlight that is great for outdoor situations and you get a flashlight that you can bring with you wherever you go!


  • Features a powerful XML T6 Silicon LED Chip For a Max 1200 Lumen Output!
  • Made out of airplane grade aluminum, and water resistant for great durability!
  • Adjustable zoom for spotlight searching or patrol!
  • Runs of a rechargeable battery, includes a lithium ion charging kit!
  • Features five different flashlight settings!
  • Free of charge: Comes with the mini Pro-1 pocket flashlight!

Overall the Solaray Pro ZX-2 Pro Flashlight is a great flashlight for anyone that needs any extremely bright and versatile light.  It comes in an extremely classy packaging that ensures everything is in place and nothing is damaged during delivery!  It comes with enough features like adjustable zoom, five different flashlight lumen settings, and 1200 lumen max output to really solve anything you might throw at it!

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight

Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight ReviewIf you have been interested in flashlights for the past few years I’m sure you have heard of the brand Fenix. Fenix has been around for quite a few years, and they provide some of the best all around flashlights in the market.  The Fenix PD35 Tact. light is no different, it provides a great flashlight without having to make unfair tradeoffs in performance.  This light can be powered by a 18650 rechargeable battery or it also can run off of two CR123 batteries.  This gives it great versatility and allows you to bring a spare battery when you are out in the wilderness.

One of the great things about this light is that it features a 1000 lumen max output which gives you a bright light for any situation.  Along with this, this flashlight is of the perfect size.  It is still able to be fit in your pocket, while still giving you that durable and sturdy feel of a product that won’t give out on you!

The Fenix PD35 has the following specifications:

  • Constructed off of extremely durable airplane grade aluminum!
  • Runs off of either two CR123 batteries, or a 18650 rechargeable battery.
  • Features a max lumen output of 1000 lumens!
  • Features 5 different lighting modes, and a strobe feature (1000 lumens)!
  • Features a 1 hour 10 minute battery life at Turbo mode (1000 lumens).
  • Features a 2 hour 55 minute battery life at High mode (500 lumens).
  • Features a 8 hour and 30 minute battery life at Middle mode (200 lumens).
  • Features a 29 hour and 15 minute battery life at Low mode (60 lumens).
  • Features a 140 hour battery life at Eco mode (8 lumens).

Overall the Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight is a great choice for someone that wants a flashlight that is one of the best in every aspect.  It provides you with an extremely long battery life on a flashlight that has the durability and the lumen output for any survival situation.  This is my personal light that I bring along when I go camping and hiking because of it’s huge versatility and it’s tremendous battery life!  I definitely suggest this to anyone that needs a great outdoor flashlight.

You Can Check Out Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight

SureFire G2X Tactical Flashlight ReviewIf you are in law enforcement or someone that requires an extremely durable flashlight then the SureFire G2X tact. flashlight is the one for you!  It is one of the most durable flashlights on the market as it is built with a tough nitrolon rubber body with andonized aluminum frame.

Along with this, this flashlight is of a great size and weight, which gives you some substance to it.  The flashlight weighs around five ounces, and is around seven inches long.  Along with the shape, of course this flashlight performs even better then you’d imagine a flashlight to!  It has a max output of 400 lumens with an option for 15 lumens to conserve battery.  Speaking of battery, this light runs of a rechargeable battery, with the charger included.  This allows you to bring your fully charged flashlight with you camping, and it’ll provide you light for the whole trip!

The SureFire G2X has the following specifications:

  • Featured with a near indestructible design with a rubber nitrolon body, and aluminum frame.
  • Two light output levels; Max = 400 lumens, and Low = 15 lumens!
  • Features a tail-cap switch for easy accessibility; tap the button for momentary on, push it all the way in for constant-on.
  • Features a precision reflector for a clean and optimized beam!
  • Light weight while extreme strong flashlight
  • Runs of a rechargeable battery (Charger included).

Overall the SureFire G2X is a great flashlight for someone who needs an easily carried flashlight that can take a beating while still packing a punch.  This light, is a great size, it in only around seven inches long, but it still feels sturdy and professional.  This light also packs a punch with a max output of 400 lumens for the law enforcement version of this flashlight, and 320 lumens for the pro version.  Overall I suggest this light for first responders and other serious hikers!

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

What is The Best Tactical Flashlight For You?

I’m not really expecting everyone to read every single peiece of information on this page (unless you have some time to spare and you want to learn).  So to save everyone some time, I have added a concise comparison table which will let you know what brands of flashlight I have talked about on my website with some quick facts and information about them.

If you’ve got some time, and you are eager to learn, then lets keep going!

  • Wattages

Flashlight Watts to LumensPicking the right light isn’t always as simple as picking out one that looks good.  When shopping you definitely need to look at the wattages!  Wattages are a measurement showing how powerful a light is, the higher the wattage the more powerful it is.  I will be reviewing the wattages in all the reviews I put out, so you won’t have to worry about that.  Overall, it isn’t as simple as saying that the more wattages you have, the better the flashlight is.  Generally speaking, the more wattages a flashlight can produce, affects the battery life.  So, if you have a really powerful (high wattages) flashlight, then the battery life could be cut extremely short.  Thankfully many newer lights come with “high power” and “low power” settings to help save battery.

  • Size: Small or Large

An example of a tiny tactical flashlight.The size of an LED light you choose is really down to personal preference.  I know I can’t tell you which to choose, but I definitely will give you advantages and disadvantages of each.  But saying that, you need to think about how much space these will take up, and your comfort as a user.  There is a huge range in sizes.  I have had some friends who have owned lights that were too big to fit in their pocket, and I have also had some that I could easily have in my pocket all day.  At the end of the day, the size of the flashlight really depends on your needs.  If this is an everyday carry flashlight (EDC) then obviously you will want something that isn’t too heavy and bulky.

  • Price: Cheap or Expensive

In todays world, prices are a huge selling point on products, and flashlights are no different!  In this marketplace you could be looking at a fifty dollar piece or a three hundred dollar piece, obviously these prices are going to sway your opinion a bit.  Typically the higher priced torches are going to be a little more advance.  When you are taking into account price, you also want to think about how long you are going to own this flash light.  For example, if you only need a tact. light for one weekend trip, then I don’t know if it would make sense to buy a $150 light.  But if you plan on going outdoors quite often, then I think it definitely would be a good idea to invest in a higher end model.

Types of Flashlights:

Small Lights:

Best EDC Flashlight

For many, it can be hard to find a balance between the perfect flashlight size, and a light that actually has enough functionality and practicality to be worthwhile.  This is when the idea of picking the best EDC flashlight (Everyday Carry) is really put into question.  The main problem with EDC lights is that because they are meant to be carried everywhere, they need to be small enough that it’s comfortable to carry with you, but it also has to be powerful enough to make a difference.  There are plenty of small flashlights on the market, but the majority of these don’t have enough power to be worthwhile to keep you out of danger. That’s why I generally suggest a flashlight that is either powered by CR123, CR2, AAA or AA batteries.  These batteries provide enough power to support high enough lumens while keeping the flashlight lightweight and small.

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Best Keychain Flashlight

For many people, comfort is very high up on their list, and when looking at flashlights the size plays a huge factor.  For people that want something they can carry with them at all times, this is the way to go.  With this light, you can hook it to your keychain and it will be with you whenever you need it.  Although these lights shouldn’t be considered as a tool for camping, for everyday use these lights are a life saver!  I personally recommend these types of flashlights just for situations like when you are trying to find your keys in your purse at night or if you dropped something on the ground.  I wouldn’t consider keychain flashlights physically able to do much good in a survival situation.

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Best Medical Penlight

If you are in the medical profession, you know the importance of a good penlight.  These are used to check pupil dilation in patients, and because of this, these lights need to be reliable.  With this being said, I added this medical penlight because it will last you years.  Compared to a lot of these lights the life span is nearly ten fold.  Although I am not a doctor, my father has actually been a physician for the past twenty years, and he has gone through quite a few different penlights, and I keep asking him what his favorite one was.  To this day, he has named his favorite, and he still sticks by it to this day.  If you are a medical professional, I would say it’s definitely worth the investment to get a light that will make your job easier and make diagnosing patients more accurate!

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Best Pocket Flashlight

As someone who is constantly on the move, I appreciate having something that has the ability to be brought where ever I go.  Along with it’s compact form, I needed something that had enough power to light up my path.  Instead of using a keychain light, I decided that I needed to get a pocket flashlight which was more powerful, but still compact enough to be brought with me.

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Battery Types :

Best AA Flashlight

Every  flashlight is either battery powered or runs off of a battery pack.  Typically the type of power source influences the amount of lumens a light can produce.  I love AA flashlights because generally they are a Best AA Flashlightlittle more powerful than other flashlights, but they don’t always sacrifice size for power.  These lights will give a bright shine without forcing you to run around town looking for hard to find batteries.  Because AA batteries are quite common they make them a great choice for anyone who is looking for a quality outdoors light.  You can keep these in your car or your hiking kit, and always have a few AA batteries as spares!

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Best AAA Flashlight

Similar to the AA flashlights, a AAA flashlight is a great flashlight because it is common battery type, and it is a great torch.  These are designed to be a little smaller and compact than the other battery powered lights.  But with its smaller size, it doesn’t mean that they don’t pack a punch.  I think these are great for everyday around the house lights incase of a power outage or something like that, but they are also pretty good for outdoors activities.

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Best Rechargeable Flashlight

As we talked about battery powered flashlights and how great they are, it is only fair that we talk about rechargeable flashlights.  These flashlights are generally some of the most powerful flashlights, because these rechargeable battery packs can hold a lot more power and produce more lumens than individual batteries.  The only downside to this flashlight is that it is a little more bulky than the other flashlights.  I personally like to have a rechargeable battery operated light and then a battery powered as well when I go camping.  I use the rechargeable for my primary flashlight but if something happens to it, or I forget to charge it, then I also have a backup.

Flashlight by Trade:

Best Pistol Light

As someone who has owned quite few firearms and has family in both in law enforcement and in the armed forces, I can appreciate the help of a quality firearm tool.  That’s exactly what a pistol light is, it is a tool to help you with your firearm in a situation that your life might depend on it.  This light fits perfectly on most handguns, and is the perfect weight and lumens for a firearm attachment.

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Best Police Flashlight

As I mentioned before, I have family in law enforcement and after talking to them about what they all bring out on the job, I found that there is a huge difference in the types of flashlights that can be used, and I also found what makes a great law enforcement flashlight.  When you are in the law enforcement field, you need something that can handle anything that is thrown at you.  You want something that not only will be able to light up an entire house or alley that you have to search, but will also be able to be knocked around.  If you are patrolling down the street and you get thrown into a survival situation, you want a flashlight that can also be used to protect yourself.  This tool is perfect because of it’s rugged durability and it’s blatant functionality.

Best Hunting Flashlight

While you are out on the prowl stalking your game, it is obviously important to not only be able to see where you’re going but also to spot your game from a distance.  Because of this, you need a light that has a good beam distance, and also different settings to help you see what you’re doing without giving away your position.  Because of these more specialized functions, you really want to do some research and find a light that will serve you best.  The problem with a general flashlight while hunting is that the beam isn’t focused and because of this you end up lighting up a wide range in front of you, when you really just want a focused beam on the animal.

Best UV Flashlight

If you are interested in seeing what is regularly unseen, or seeing what people have left behind.  Then maybe a UV flashlight is the right tool for you.  Ultra-violet flashlights are torch that instead of a regular lumen based beams they emit UV light which is the purple light you see on black lights and at certain party events.  These can be a fun tool to play with but it also can be used by detectives and private investigators to find things that suspects might have left behind.

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My Favorite Brands:

SOG LogoAs you look through all this information and all the reviews I have written on this website, you will find some of the newest and greatest.  Spotlights have changed a lot since they were first invented, and some emerging brands have really changed how we view these items.  Among some of the great brands are Streamlight, SOG, and Ultrafire.

Although these are some of the bigger brands, I’m all about a customers freedom of choice.  It’s not my aim as a website creator to purposely guide my viewers to certain brands or products.  So to show my good faith, I’ve also included mentions to smaller light brands like Nebo, Fenix, and Super Nova.  As soon as I find out about a new brand that I think is quality and that you guys would like, I’m will definitely inform you guys about it!

My Overall Top Pick

Because there is so much to consider when you are looking at these tools, it can definitely be overwhelming  when looking at the sheer amount of choices.  I have reviewed hundreds of these flashlights, and most of them are absolutely great, and they will help you stay safe.  But there is one that is my absolute favorite that I recommend to everyone!  And that is the Streamlight HL.  I did a full review above, but I still believe this is the light that everyone should have in their bag!

Overall I hope you have learned a good bit about the buying process for lights.  There are hundreds out on the market, and it can be a tough decision.  But I hope my buying guide has helped you even a little bit on picking the best tactical flashlight for your needs!  Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, or you want my opinion on any light you are looking at.  Thanks,  Brett