Picking the Best AAA Flashlight for You!

Working with a flashlight that actually has batteries you can buy at any store is very convenient! I don’t always like the super technical style batteries because you have to order them online and it can be a hassle.  That is why I have started this page to help you pick the best aaa flashlight!

When you are looking for a flashlight, it’s always nice to have a flashlight that uses AAA batteries.  You can simply go to any store or gas station and you are able to buy these batteries.  This isn’t always the case with all flashlights.  Along with these AAA batteries being able to be purchased, these small batteries help to keep the size of these flashlights smaller and more compact.

Why Would You Want a AAA Flashlight?

Picking the best AAA flashlight can be a tough situation because there are so many options on the market.  Along with this, there aren’t just a lot in the AAA flashlight market, there are flashlights of many different types of batteries!  But thankfully, when there are a large amount of products in a market, that normally means there are a lot of good options!

AAA Flashlights are great for a few different reasons.

  • AAA Batteries can be purchased nearly anywhere!
  • AAA Batteries are smaller and more compact than other rechargeable batteries, and this in turn makes the flashlights smaller and more compact.
  • AAA Batteries although small in size, definitely provide a good amount of power!
  • AAA Flashlights are tough tools, that can literally last you years!

Best AAA Flashlight Comparison Chart:

I know many of you are in a hurry, and are strapped for time, so I have provided you a chart that summarizes the what the Best AAA Flashlight on the market is!

(Without Batteries)
Klarus Mi10 AAA FlashlightKlarus Mi10 AAA Flashlight.32 Ounces$$$
Olight I3s AAA FlashlightOlight I3S AAA Flashlight.48 Ounces$$
Coast G19 AAA FlashlightCoast G19 AAA Flashlight.2 Ounces$

With All That Being Said, What Is The Best AAA Flashlight?

There are quite a few different AAA flashlights in the marketplace now.  That being said it can be extremely difficult to choose with all these options.  Along with this, every person will have different needs for a AAA flashlight, so depending on your needs that can affect which flashlight will be the best for you.

Klarus Mi10

Best AAA FlashlightI think the best AAA flashlight 2017 has to be the Klarus Mi10!  The Klarus company has been around for about fifteen years, and it’s definitely proved itself in this marketplace.  This Mi10 is quite small and is perfect for a small handheld flashlight!  I have had mine for the past five years, and the LED lens is still alive and kicking!

This flashlight has the following specifications!

  • 80 Max Lumen Output!  Lasts 1.15 hours on Max!
  • 3 Low Lumen Output!  Lasts 66 hours on Low!

As you can see this little flashlight has enough to be a pivotal part of your tool belt!  I think this little flashlight can help to save a life if you have this in a life or death situation!  Thankfully I have used this light, and I am willing it to recommend it to any of my personal friends!


Olight I3S Brass 180 Lumens Keychain Flashlight

The Olight Keychain Flashlight is one of the highest quality flashlights on this list!  It is small enough to comfortably fight on your keychain or fit in your pocket or belt.  This is the upgraded model over its little brother, which provides this model with more power in a compact design.

The design is simple to use, and most importantly it is durable.  I have a tendency to always drop my flashlights, and it seems often times they will crack open and quit working for me.  But this Olight flashlight is one of the most durable flashlights that I have ever used!  I guarantee that this bad boy can take a beating!

Olight I3S AAA Flashlight

The Olight I3S AAA Flashlight is one of the best AAA flashlights on the market this year!

The Specifications:

  • This AAA flashlight comes with adjustable output settings. The default setting, High-moonlight setting, and an intense strobe setting.
  • Comes with a 96% transparency percentage which provides incredibly clear optical lens vision.
  • Compact design with a built in pocket clip and keychain.

This heavy duty flashlight will provide you with a large battery life compared to many competing products.  You can expect over 132 hours of continual use of this flashlight on the low light setting!

A flashlight is a tool that you must have on you at nearly all times, no matter if you are working around the house, hunting, camping, or even just in case of emergencies.  With this portable flashlight you are able to always have one on you without being weighed down!  This is definitely one of the best AAA Flashlights on the market this year!

Coast G19 LED AAA Flashlight

Coast has been providing the outdoors world with awesome products for years now, but they really outdid themselves with the G19 LED AAA Flashlight!

I honestly was blown away with how powerful this flashlight was, even though it has a tiny compact design to it.  Coast claims that this flashlight has a 20 meter beam distance, and usually companies exaggerate these types of things, but this portable flashlight is the real deal!

The Coast G19 LED AAA Flashlight comes in a sturdy and compact design that only weighs around 56 grams, which is one of the lightest flashlights in this niche.

Coast G19 AAA Flashlight

The Coast G19 AAA Flashlight is incredibly durable and one of the most powerful AAA flashlights!


The Specifications:

  • Advanced Inspection Beam Optics Setting
  • An overall beam distance of 65 feet
  • 2 hours and 30 minutes of high performance optic use
  • Impact and water resistant
  • Compact pocket clip

One of the biggest features that the G19 flashlight has that many other flashlights don’t have is its “Inspection Beam Optic Feature”.  This inspection feature provides a low-glare circular beam, which provides you with the unmatched ability to work on up close applications. This feature really separates the G19 from many other similar flashlights.

This flashlight also allows you to send an inspection beam up to 30 feet, which make it one of the most powerful portable flashlights.

I absolutely love this flashlight, and for the price it might be the best AAA Flashlight on the market!

AAA Flashlight Roundup

AAA Flashlights are incredible.  It really is that simple.  These flashlights really should be the go to flashlights for nearly every average family.

These flashlights will provide you with the ability to work around the house, work on your cars, go hunting, go camping, or even just in case of an emergency.

These portable flashlights are so incredibly versatile!  They can be used for nearly any occasion, and are so portable that you can carry them with you no matter where you go!

And the number one reason that I love these type of flashlights:  Because you can buy AAA batteries nearly anywhere!!

I have owned so many different types of flashlights and its astounding how many different flashlights use impossible to find batteries that I can never seem to find at the store.

AAA flashlights take the hassle out of owning a powerful flashlight.  If there is ever an emergency, you better bet that I will have my flashlight on me!  I hope you were able to find the best AAA flashlight for you and your family!