Picking The Best Pistol Light 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

best pistol lightA new type of tactical flashlight that I need to talk about here, is the pistol light or the handgun light.  A pistol light is a specific type of flashlight that attaches to a handgun.  Many handguns come with rails on either the sides or the top of the firearm that are made to mount accessories like flashlights.  The two main types of rail systems on firearms are the Weaver rail system and the Picatinny rail system.  Thankfully, many newer pistol light manufacturers make universal rail mount systems that make their flashlights mountable on both rail systems.  Along with these rail systems, there are some pistol lights that don’t use rail systems, and they actually can attach under the barrel and connect to the trigger guard.  Overall the best pistol light needs to be durable enough to absorb the shock that is emitted when firing a bullet, and it needs to be able to take a beating in whatever situation it is thrown in.

Each flashlight is slightly different, and each one has it’s own unique features.  Some features you might want to take a look at are a quick release pistol light.  This enables you to press a button to release the flashlight so you can hold it in your non firing hand.  Along with this, you can consider a pistol light with a tactical light combo which can help you aim and target potential threats quicker and easier.  Finally, you might want a pressure switch flashlight.  This is different to other flashlights because you have to be holding the pressure switch for the flashlight to be activated.

What About A Handheld Flashlight?

Many people often wonder if they should even bother going with a pistol light when they can just use a normal tactical flashlight in their other hand.  Although this is a possibility, you will definitely need to test out both and see which one you enjoy more.  The advantages of having a handheld flashlight is that you can do the Rogers technique and other flashlight shooting techniques.  These techniques can be a little safer because you aren’t pointing a loaded firearm at wherever your flashlight is shining.  This is great because if you are searching your house and you point your flashlight at your son, then you aren’t automatically pointing your loaded handgun at him as well.  The main disadvantages of this is that it takes away your free hand.  This can be difficult to open doors and maneuver through your house if you don’t have an extra hand available.

Final Thoughts on Pistol Lights

Overall there are hundreds if not thousands of pistol lights on the market available for purchase.  Because of this, it can be hard to find the best pistol light.  Thankfully, if you take your time and really focus on what your needs are for this light, then you can narrow it down.  I hope my reviews and recommendations have helped you narrow down your choices, and pick the best handgun light that may one day save your life!