Picking the Best Pocket Flashlight to Keep You Safe!

To people that want a small compact flashlight, then picking the best pocket flashlight can be something that could save your life.  To anyone that doesn’t know, a pocket flashlight is a type of tactical flashlight, but it’s also in its own subcategory.  Generally the tactical flashlight is considered to be a larger, more powerful flashlight, while pocket flashlights are, as the name suggests, able to fit in your pocket.  These are great because they have the ability to always be carried with you, without being a hassle to carry around.  Along with this, when you are looking through all these options, you can start to narrow down your options to help you pick the best pocket flashlight!

What is a Pocket Flashlight?

Because there are all these different flashlights claiming to be a pocket flashlight or a EDC (Everyday Carry) flashlight, what really is a pocket flashlight?

To keep it extremely simple, I tend to classify a pocket flashlight as any flashlight that can literally fit in your pocket.  These are flashlights that are generally smaller than six inches in length, and often are pretty narrow.  This is to give you the ability to carry it in your pocket where ever you go, so that you always have a flashlight with you.

With this being said, because these flashlights are smaller than some other flashlights, they are going to be a little weaker.  But just because they are small doesn’t mean they aren’t going to pack a punch.

What Are Some Uses For A Pocket Flashlight?

Obviously everyone is going to have different uses for their flashlights and that’s their own decision, but these pocket flashlights have quite a few uses.  I have listed some of my uses for my pocket flashlights, and I’m sure you guys can thinks of hundreds of different ones!

  • I often keep a larger flashlight like the Streamlight 88040 along with a smaller pocket flashlight in my car glovebox/console.  It’s nice to have a backup of a different size.
  • I used to work at firm that had a poorly lit parking lot, so in the morning I would bring my favorite pocket light with me, and at the end of the day when it was getting dark outside I could just pop this light out of my pocket or bag and be good to go.
  • If I am walking my dog towards the end of the day I often throw this flashlight into my pocket in case we stay out a little longer than usual.
  • I have used these lights to take a look at my sink plumbing where it was really tight spaced.

Overall I think these little flashlights are great to have in any situation where you might need a light, but you don’t want to carry a big flashlight around just in case.

My 3 Picks For The Best Pocket Flashlight!

Because there are so many different lights on the market,  I decided to do some pocket flashlight reviews to help give you a good idea of what products I recommend.

Outlight 501B High Powered Pocket Flashlight Review

The pocket flashlight that I use the most consistantly is the Outlight 501B high powered flashlight!