Picking the Best Police Flashlight

Let’s face it, with so many flashlights in the market to choose from today, it can be difficult to find “the” one that is just right. No one ever likes to think they are making a poor choice when they make a purchase, but; it never seems to fail, shortly after you buy something, you’ll see something you like more.  But when you are purchasing something that can save your life, you need to make sure you chose the right product.  This is extremely important when you are picking a flashlight for police work.  You need to put some thought into you purchase when you are picking the best police flashlight possible!

What is The Best Police Flashlight?

For many police officers, flashlights are provided by their departments and they don’t get a choice, for others, it’s a personal choice and finding the right light can be daunting. Regardless if you are the officer making a decision, a new cadet buying your first flashlight or an old road dog upgrading your incandescent light that’s seen better days, thinking about what you will do with that light will help point you in the right direction.  Overall it is definitely important to pick a flashlight that is specific to your job as compared to just an outdoor flashlight.

best police flashlightWhat do you mean what will I do with it? I’m going to light things up, dummy! Well, you’re right; you will light things up with it; but, how, where, when and why? When you are armed with the answers to these questions, you will be able to make a better choice for your needs; that way, when your buddy shows up and you begin to think he got something better, you won’t be second guessing your first choice.

Most of the people may know the name torches, which is the more commonly known name of LED Flashlights. As their bulb are far brighter than the regular incandescent flashlight ones. Installing the LED flashlights, you can go in many variations with different numbers of LED bulbs. But not all LED flashlights with the same brightness, they are also wary depending on a user’s need for the flashlight. The light of an LED flashlight is measured by Lumens. The LED flashlights commercially available in the marketplace today give out between ten to a hundred lumens of brightness.

Pelican LED Flashlights are safe, reliable, and built tough to handle the hardest jobs. How many times has one been going along doing fine and out of nowhere the lights go out, or something breaks and one needs to see into a dark place? Well with Pelican lights, one is always sure to have a dependable light in the dark.

There are many reasons to need and use a flashlight. If someone lives in an area close to the ocean, he or she is sure to need back up flashlights and candles for when hurricane season hits. If someone lives in any area where the electric goes out on a regular basis, he or she needs dependable and safe flashlights. Everyone like campers, hikers, homeowners, mechanics, military, and police need good dependable and safe flashlights as well.

No matter whom the person is, he or she will always find the need for a good safe flashlight. So why not use the best, a Pelican LED flashlight. Pelican makes flashlights for everyone. They come in tactical, personal, and medium duty with an array of choices in each category.  Having a flashlight that can do it all when you are on patrol is what makes your flashlight the best police flashlight!

The Pelican flashlight tactical series are geared more towards the military and police officials. This set of flashlights come in many different sizes and features. For instance, the Pelican M6 2320 comes with two CR123 lithium cells. The lithium cells are high quality ensuring safety and extended use as well as the security of knowing one’s batteries will not leak into the flashlight or onto the skin.


Overall picking the right flashlight for you can be difficult for you and your unit.  But if you are dependent on picking what flashlight your police patrol uses, you need to think long and hard.  Picking a flashlight that is durable enough to withstand whatever it takes out on the streets, and bright enough to light up the night can be difficult.  But have no fear, now you will be able to pick the best police flashlight for you and your unit, and you will keep your officers safe!