Getting the Best UV Flashlight For Your Needs!

If you are someone that loves to see what others don’t then you will definiltey enjoy a UV flashlight.  As someone who has relatives that are private investigators I know the importance of seeing what was left behind.   Although UV flashlights are quite different than your typical flashlight, they do serve a unique purpose.  That is why I wrote this post on the best UV flashlight!

What Are The Best UV Flashlights?

There are quite a few different UV flashlights on the marketplace, but which should you pick?  When you are in need of a UV light to find everything you can’t see, you need the best one possible!

TaoTronics TT-FL001

Best Small UV FlashlightTaoTronics has been around in the light marketplace for about ten years and they have consistently been putting out quality products.  The TaoTronics TT-FL001 UV light is great because of it’s low price, and it’s excellence quality.  This light will simply do anything you need to do while in a small compact form.  This light has the following specifications:

  • Makes Dried Urine and Bodily Fluids Visible.
  • Emits 395NM Wavelength With 12 Ultraviolet Leds.
  • Five Hour Battery Life.
  • Runs on Three AAA Batteries.



Overall I definitely suggest this light.  It has an extremely cheap price tag for all that it does.  If you are in need for a UV light, this light is the light for you.  It does everything you might need, and it has a great battery life!

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The Best UV Flashlight Functions

best UV flashlightUltraviolet flashlights have a huge range of different functions.  If you are looking for a UV flashlight you really need to know what you will be using it for, because from there you can selectively pick out the best flashlight for those needs.  If so many different lights on the market, this definitely helps to narrow down the choices, and helps you pick the best UV flashlight.


If you are interested in law enforcement or you like to see what is usually unseen, then a forensics UV flashlight could be perfect for you.  I know I have a few friends that are private detectives and actually own a few of these lights to look at evidence at crime scenes.  With these ultraviolet lights you can see everything you might have missed without it.  For example, you can see human matter like urine and sperm and hair follicles.  This makes it extremely important for law enforcement to help prove that someone was or wasn’t at a certain crime scene.

I have also heard quite a few stories of people that would bring these flashlights to hotel rooms that they just checked into, and they would turn off the lights and then start scanning the room with the light.  The purpose of this is that you would be able to see nearly any human matter that was left by the last guest and wasn’t properly cleaned!


best blacklight flashlightAlong with forensics, I have put a huge amount of use on my UV light while using it for repairs.   The main thing I use it for is detecting leaks which is huge for refrigerator/AC repairs and oil leaks on automobiles.  If you have a piece that you aren’t entirely sure has a leak in it, all you have to do is turn off the lights and scan it with your light.  If you do have a leak, the fluid will light up in the dark and it makes it quite obvious something is wrong.  From there you can generally find the cause of the leak by doing a little more scanning.  Overall I have put some use in my light like this, and it is incredibly helpful.

Forgery Detection

A little known use for ultraviolet lights is there ability to detect forgeries.  One of the easiest ways to catch forged bills is to shine it under a ultraviolet light.  Forged bills will light up a different color than a generic bill.  This makes it incredibly easy for vendors to quickly scan bills that they are given for their products.  You will often see this at sporting event booths and other vendors that deal with large amount of customers using cash.

Along with this, apparently these lights are also used to detect art forgeries.  The lights will detect unnatural oils on the paintings that prove they weren’t created hundreds of years ago, or that they were messed with by a forger.

Overall these ultraviolet lights have huge amounts of functions, and they can be really helpful!  With all these functions available, it is important to know what the best UV flashlight for your needs would be.  You really need to take a look at the functions and determine what you will be using your light for the most.  From there you can tailor your purchase based on your needs!  So I hope your hunt for the best blacklight flashlight is short and you find something perfect for you!