Find The Best Tactical Pen of 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Last Updated January 1st 2020 There are quite a few tools that most people haven’t heard of, and a tactical pen is probably one of them.  But if you are in law enforcement or armed services you might need a pen that is reliable and extremely durable.  Not only are these able to be used as your every day pen, they also are great discrete self defense tools.  They are designed to be used to ward off potential attackers, and they also can be outfitted with tools like window breakers, incase you need to break through a car window.  These built in features definitely help to make this the best tactical pen possible!

If you need a self defense weapon without being suspicious, then you need one of these reinforced tactical pens.

Pen Comparison Chart

Gerber ImpromptuMachined Steel$$$95
Schrade SCPENBK6061 Aircraft Alum.$$90
Uzi TacPen2-BKAircraft Alum.$86
S&W SWPEN3BK6061 Aircraft Alum.$$92
Under Control Tact.Black Alum.$$91

Included in the table are the following labels:

  • Pen: Title/Brand of the Tactical Pen
  • Material:  The Type of The Material The Pen Is Made Out Of
  • Cost:  The Cost Section Uses “$” as an Indicator of Price.  $ is the cheapest, $$$$$ is the most expensive
  • Rating:  Our Rating Mixed with Amazon’s Rating

My Top 3 Tactical Pen Reviews!

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber Impromptu Tactical PenThis Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is one of my favorites.  I have tried quite a few different pens, and this one has some of the best quality, and it just feels quite sturdy in your hand.  It is built with an extremely durable machined steel and features a stainless steel clip.  This is one of my most versatile pens I’ve personally used, and it features the following specifications:

  • Rugged Machined Steel Body
  • “Rite In The Rain” Ink Cartridge Which Works In All Conditions
  • Integrated Glass Breaking Tip
  • Features a Push Button Deployment For The Ball Point

This would be a great pen for law enforcement because of how sturdy it is.  This thing can take a beating, and I’m sure it can deal some damage if you have to use it in a self defense situation.  Overall this is one of the best tactical pens I have ever used!

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Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen

Schrade SCPENBK Tactical PenThis SCPENBK pen is one rugged tool!  It is made of machined aircraft aluminum which is never going to let you down.  This pen is very sleek with a matte black finish.  This pen is more of a simple get to the point designed pen, then our previous review.  This pen has a thumb placement area so you can apply more force if you had to strike an assailant.  That being said, here is the pens specifications!

  • Manufactured from Machined 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Includes an Extra Ink Cartridge
  • Flat Bottom For Thumb Placement to Apply More Force
  • Screw On/Off Cap

Overall this pen is very sleek and it is meant to get the job done.  It won’t get caught on your clothes because it has too many features, it’s simple and it could save your life!

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What is The Best Tactical Pen For You?

There are quite a few different products on the market that I think can adequately fit your needs.  That being said, each pen is slightly different, and this variation means that you really need to do some research so you can find the best product for your needs.

When you are looking fro the best self defense pen, you really need to think of what functions you might need.  For example, do you plan on just using this pen for writing, then you might be better off with a sleeker pen without too many functions.  But if you are using this for self defense or as a tool when you are on the job, then it’s important to have these extra functions.

Glass Breakers –

If you are ever in a situation when you need to break a pane of glass, especially a car window, you will need a tool to get the job done.  That is exactly when a tactical pen with a glass breaker tip would come in handy. These handheld pens, are sturdy as hell, and can take a beating.  I would suggest this for police officers and firefighters alike, you can have these in your pocket or on your belt, and if the situation arises, you just whip it out, and easily crack open the glass.

Fire Starters –

I was unaware this was even a function on some pens, until I did my research and actually tested some out. There are survival pens on the market that literally have fire striker tips, so you can easily start a fire if you are in the outdoors.  If you are someone who occasionally spends time camping or hiking, this is a great tool for you!  It has great usability and it literally can save your skin!

DNA Catchers –

If you are someone that wants to solve crime, or needs a tool for your detective work, you should consider getting a pen with a DNA catcher on it.  A DNA catcher is featured in a few of the more tactically useful pens.  This is a sharp tip at the end of the pen, and if you are being attacked you can use this tip to defend yourself.  Along with being used as a defensive tool, when this tip punctures the skin of an attacker it collects DNA.  After the DNA is collected it is stored in the pen until you can get to a lab, and you can use this DNA to test the identity of the attacker.  These are definitely not featured on every pen, but if you are interested in having every tool to keep you safe, then you should look for a pen with a DNA catcher featured!