M48 Tomahawk Review – Picking The Best Tomahawk!

After viewing my comparison of tomahawks I thought I should write up a complete M48 Tomahawk Review.   I tried my best to provide as many review as I could on the main page, but as you know there are hundreds if not thousands of tomahawks on the market, so I couldn’t really include them all.  So I thought i’d make this page as a way to get a little more indepth.  I hope you enjoy, and here is my opinion on United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk.

The M48 Tactical Tomahawk ReviewA M48 tomahawk refers to a m48 hawk created by United Cutlery.  United Cutlery was created 1986, as a company mainly known for unique and innovative design of knives and tactical tools.  United Cutlery today has a plethora of different blades, some of which include fantasy blades.  These fantasy blades include movie replicas like swords from Lord of the Rings and swords and weapons from the hobbit.

I have used a wide variety of Cutlery’s products and I have been impressed with each one.  They haven’t been the greatest tomahawks I have used but then again the price was a lot lower than a large amount of tomahawks I have purchased.  So all around United is a great, and reliable company that I would suggest to any of my close friends.

The Best M48 Tomahawk Review! –

M48 Tomahawk ReviewAs I said earlier, I have tried a many tomahawk so I believe I can provide a quality and non-biased review of different tomahawks.  Overall I think the M48 Tactical Tomahawk is one of the best tomahawks in the market, and I definitely suggest you take a look at it.

As stated earlier, the M48 tomahawk is created by UnitedCutlery.  It is built with a AUS-6 steel which is incredibly strong and built to withstand even the toughest of blows.  The M48 is designed with the following specifications:

  • It is 15 Inches in Length Which Gives You a Great Strike Distance.
  • An 8 Inch Blade Length Which is Great For Survival and For Log Splitting.
  • Partly Fiberglass Reinforced Handle For Added Support and Grip.
  • Comes With A Nylon Sheath For Easy Carrying.

Overall this is one of the better tomahawks I have seen.  It is meant to be an affordable option for people that are looking for an out and out survival tomahawk.  For a tomahawk that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, this is a tomahawk that can actually be used as a fighting hawk or a outdoors/survival hawk.

The unique blade design makes it more inclined to be used as a fighting hawk with the ability to cut and slice.  You can see from the blade design, there is a curved edge which helps to grasp onto an opponent so you have complete control over them.

That being said this isn’t only a fighting tomahawk, this hawk is designed to have the versatility to do anything you might need it to out in the field.  This M48 tomahawk can cut, snap, clear and dig through anything you might need it to!  I have used mine for snapping branches as I clear path, or cutting firewood and it has preformed excellent at both.

Overall I hope you have enjoyed my M48 Tomahawk Review and you give this tomahawk a chance.  It is a great tool, and I recommend it to all my friends and family!

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