June 11, 2016

Picking The Best Tactical Vest 2020 – Reviews & Durable Design!

A tactical vest is what can keep you calm, cool and organized during a firefight.  These vests have pouches and pockets that allow you to store and keep your gear on your body.  This is incredibly useful to store extra magazines, and to keep flashlights and other tools you might need in a survival situation.  I thoroughly suggest every owner of a firearm to consider purchasing a combat vest.  The main problem with picking a tactical vest is that there are so many variations, and so many different types of vests.  because of this I have built up this guide on picking the best tactical vest!

My 3 Picks For the Best Tactical Vest in 2020 & Reviews!

Because there are so many different types of tactical vests available on the market, it can be difficult to figure out the best one for you.  Along with this, there are so many different types

UTG 547 Tactical Vest – Law Enforcement

Best Tactical VestThis was one of my first tactical vests, and it’s still one of my personal favorites.  The UTG 547 vest is designed for law enforcement and security in mind.  This vest is great for high speed, and high functionality situations.  It is equipped with functions like a sniper shoulder guard, many hands free carry options for tools, and it fits snug and correctly for nearly any size body.  


  • 4 Adjustable Universal Magazine Pouches (Generally Rifle Magazines)
  • Cross Draw Sidearm Holder
  • 3 Smaller Magazine Pouches (Pistol or Flashlight)
  • Sniper Shoulder Guard to Reduce Recoil
  • Double Stitched Drag Handle
  • Breathable, Ventilated Material
  • Features Hook and Loop Attachable Mag Pouches

This is a great vest because it is well designed and accommodating for near any situation.  This is the perfect vest for a lower risk operation like night security, but it’s just as good at providing you tactical support in a law enforcement or armed forces setting.

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UTG Swat Tactical Vest

UTG SwatThis tactical vest was originally manufactured and designed for Swat entry teams, but over the years it has quickly transformed to suit not only law enforcement professionals but firearm enthusiasts as well.  This vest provides a practical solution to carrying all of your gear.


  • 6 Front Pouches to Hold Various Gear
  • Cross Draw Sidearm Holder
  • One Oversized Back Pouch
  • Elastic Loops for Shotgun Shells
  • Radio Pocket
  • Thumb Break Holster

I think this vest is a great vest!  It has a few less features and comforts than the UTG 547 tact. Vest, but it’s still a great vest!  I think this is a great vest for someone who doesn’t need as much functionality, and wants to be lighter and quicker in a dangerous situation.

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What Do You Need in A Tactical Vest?

To accurately find the best tactical vest, you really need to take a look at what you might need in a vest, and from there you can help limit down the choices based on your needs.  For example, if this is a tactical vest for airsoft, then you wouldn’t need a shoulder pad for recoil.  But, if this vest is going to see combat then I suggest you really get the best vest you can, because on the battlefield, any little advantage is worth having.

Multifunctional Vest:

One of the best combat vests is going to be a vest that you can use in a plethora of different situations.  What good is a vest if it does extremely well in one situation but if you are thrown into a different situation it is completely useless.  Examples of this are with vests that have replaceable and customizable pouches and pockets.  This is great because every morning you can customize your vest to be the best vest for your upcoming needs.  This is definitely a vest that I would prefer.

When Will You Use It?

Obviously if you are active duty armed forces or in law enforcement then you will get a good amount of use out of it.  But, if you are looking to better protect yourself at home, then you might be wondering if you will really use it or not.  But my thinking is, if you really are serious about being safe and being prepared, you will use this vest at some point and you will be ready for whatever is thrown at you.

What Do You Absolutely Need On Your Vest?

If I was to suggest only a few must haves on your new vest, I would suggest something durable like load bearing straps, and I would definitely suggest customizable pockets and pouches.  The load bearing straps are important because when you are in a situation where it can be life or death, you want something that will stick together, and will help you perform your best.  Along with this you will want a vest that has the ability to be customized for any situation you might need.  For example, if you are in need of having quick access to a few sidearm magazines, then you can fill up pouches and place them in the easiest reaches for you.

Final Thoughts on Tactical Vests

In the end, the UTG 547 is the best tactical vest that I have ever used.  It is extremely durable, and its ability to customize and change to your needs, is what makes it perfect for anyone!  Whether you are using this vest for hunting or for protecting yourself, it will help you stay safe, and ready for anything!

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