June 17, 2016

Picking The Best Waterproof Backpack 2020 – Reviews & Bag Quality

If you are into camping, then you can realize just how miserable having a wet backpack can be.  Not only do you have to carry a wet bag on your back all day, but everything in your pack is usually soaking wet.  This happened to me when I first was getting into camping, and after this happens to you, you start thinking on how you can avoid this so it never happens again.  I started doing some research and soon I realized that my problem has already been solved, there are waterproof backpacks!

These waterproof backpacks are designed to be light weight but durable.  These are designed to keep the contents of your bag dry even in the worst downpour.  I’d definitely be wary when shopping for these bags though.  Many bags on the market are listed as water resistant or weather resistant.  This simply means that if water gets on it, it most likely will keep your bags contents dry.  But if the rain is really coming down it won’t do the job.  That’s why it’s so important to do research and find the best waterproof backpack for your needs!

Best Waterproof Backpack Comparison Chart

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Do You Need a Waterproof Outdoors Bag?

Waterproof backpacks definitely fix a specific problem for people.  That being said, some people can actually survive without one, and they can get by with just a water resistant backpack.

best waterproof backpackBut, if you are into camping and you care about the contents of your pack, then I definitely suggest a fully waterproof bag.  Let me tell you from experience, it can be extremely frustrating to run into a sudden storm and have the contents of your bag completely soaked while you still have a few more days of camping left.  But, if you are going to use it, then these bags are definitely worth the investment!

Advantages of These Bags

  • No Need To Bring Tarps or Other Rain Proof Gear For Your Backpack and Other Gear.
  • Light Weight and Durable:  These bags are designed specifically for camping/hiking and keeping your gear safe, and dry.
  • Comfort/Functionality:  Along with being waterproof, these also have the storage space that is more than enough to carry all you need without being too large and clunky.

What To Look For In A Waterproof Backpack

I hope the above information has sparked your interest in the bags, and why they are a good investment.  But now that you have a peaked interest it’s time to start talking about what you should be looking for in one of these bags.  When you first start looking, it can be extremely overwhelming.  There are hundreds if not thousands of different bags on the market.  Along with this, each of these bags have their own variations and different functions.  That’s when it really comes down to what you want in one of these bags.  In the following sections, I will help you narrow down what you need in your bag, and hopefully make your decision a little bit easier!


Obviously pricing is the number one concern to most consumers.  You might be worried that these types of bags are going to be ridiculously expensive, but what I have found is that these bags aren’t much more expensive than bags that aren’t completely waterproof.  Along with only a slight price difference, generally you are getting a more durable and better designed bag.   These bags are designed to take a beating, and I have owned some of these bags for years, so they definitely last!


After price is concerned, you want to take a look at the functionality of each bag.  Along with this, you need to start thinking about what you need in a bag.  If you are looking for a bag that can hold a huge amount of stuff similar to a bug out bag then you will need to take a look at see of the bag and the carrying capacity.  Bags come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, so you will need to think about your specific needs, and then it will help to limit your choices.

Along with size, you will also want to consider what types of functions you want.  These functions can include types of pockets, pocket sizes, and material types.  Generally most waterproof backpacks are made from similar materials that keep the interior dry, but there is quite a bit of variation in the pocket sizes and pocket layout.  Some bags might have a large front pocket while others might not have a front pocket.  Generally I suggest finding a bag that has a nice balance between pockets and the main compartment.  It’s nice to have these secondary pockets to keep small items, but you also don’t want to compromise by having too many pockets if you aren’t going to use them.

I also suggest looking at a top loader backpack because they are much easier to load and unload.  A top loader backpack is a backpack that has a large main compartment and all the gear is loaded up through the top.  This provides a bigger access point which makes it easy to take gear out in a hurry along with easier to manage all your gear.


Final Thoughts on Waterproof Backpacks!

It can be a struggle to find the best waterproof backpack because of all the choices on the market.  But in the end you will not go wrong with the SealLine Pro Pack 115!  These packs have been around for years, and I have put mine through the ringer and it has come out stronger than ever!  It is packed full of features that make it a great tool for any type of trip or camping experience.  This is why it’s the number one pack on your list and I suggest it to all my friends!

Along with this, the other two bags are also great choices and you won’t go wrong with these either!  I definitely suggest you take a look at all three of these bags and then from there really think which one you like more based on your needs and your personal preference.

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