August 9, 2016

Building an Emergency Candle Heater – Candle TerraPot Radiator

terrapot candle heaterAs the summer comes to a close, you need to start preparing for the cold months of winter.  This is an awesome little project that I first heard about when I was a kid.  The main idea of this project is to take the heat from a single candle and combine it with a clay terra pot and a few other household materials and with this you can make a heater that will provide enough room for a small area, to keep you safe during the winter.

Note: This shouldn’t be used to completely get rid of your heating system.

What You Will All Need:

Overall you should be able to build this heater from what you have laying around at home.  And even if you have to buy all the materials it shouldn’t cost you more than $15 from your local Home Depot.  Overall the materials are quite simple, and it is an easy installation.  You will need the following:

  • One 4″ Ceramic Terrapot (Not Ceramic)
  • One 2″ Ceramic Terrapot (Not Ceramic)
    • *You can also make a flower pot heater with three terrapots, they just have to be three different sizes.
  • One Large Bolt (Around 5″)
  • About Eight Nuts
  • About a Dozen Washers

Note:  There are quite a few different variations of these candle heaters.  I have seen some with two pots, and some with three pots.  But in the end all of these are based off the same basic design.  You are trying to trap the heat in-between the pots.  

Step One: Create a Small Shelter To Trap The Heat

If you are in a life or death situation while facing the cold weather of winter, then you need to act fast.  The first thing you need to do is find or create a small area where you can trap this heat that you’re going to create.  If you have a small pantry or a closet those will work great, but you can also modify your bedroom and other rooms.

  • You can line the walls with blankets and cushions.
  • Cover the cracks in doors and windows.
  • I’ve seen some people use large cardboard boxes, but definitely be careful with a candle and cardboard.
  • Body heat will also help to keep the room warm.

Step Two: Building The Candle Heater

Now that you have your modified shelter, it’s time to get started on the actual candle heater.  The idea of this flower pot heater, is that the candle will produce a little bit of heat but it will be trapped and it will be turned in a sort of radiator.  Instead of the heat being wasted, it is kept and it actually can spit out a good amount of warm air!

candle heaterAs you can see from the diagram, the actual installation is quite easy. You will need to do the following:

  1. Place the long bolt through the largest terra pot.
  2. Add a nut, and three to four washers onto the bolt.
  3. Place the bolt through the second terra pot.  (The nuts and washers will separate the two pots.)
  4. Add another nut and three to four washers onto the bolt.
  5. If you have three different sized pots, then continue with another smaller pot as you did with the second pot.

Now that you have successfully built your heater, you will now need to find a stand to place it on.  I have seen some people bend some metal brackets to keep it in place.  And I have seen people simply place them on bricks or stone.  After you have the pot securely propped up at least two inches off the ground, you will then just place the candle under the pots.

flower pot heaterThere you have it!  You have successfully built a cheap candle powered heater which can help to save your life, or just make you more comfortable during the winter!  Although this won’t heat your whole house because the BTU of these heaters is simply not high enough.

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