January 5, 2017

Do Kevlar Bulletproof Vests Expire – Will They Work Forever?

If you are someone that is determined to always be safe even if SHTF, then I’m sure you will have at least one kevlar bulletproof vest.  Kevlar vests are great as i’m sure you know because they can literally save your life.  If you plan on getting in a firefight or you know you will have to fire your weapon, then you should have a kevlar bulletproof vest.  But, if you are already an owner, can you keep them forever or do you have to do some sort of maintenance or do they expire completely?  Many people ask do kevlar bulletproof vests expire?

Do Kevlar Bulletproof Vests Expire?

Do kevlar bulletproof vests expire?Now that I have you thinking on the longevity of your kevlar vest, you need to know the answer.  The answer is Yes, Kevlar bulletproof vests do expire and they aren’t fit for active duty after this period.  The usually service duration of a vest is around five years, and they are considered expired, and are replaced after this period.

Why Do Kevlar Vests Expire?

The reason these vests begin to expire is because of how they are designed.  Kevlar vests are designed by a series of interwoven fabrics which help to absorb the impact of a bullet and help to spread it out along the whole vest to cancel out the puncture of the bullet.  After a few years of usage and general wear and tear the fabric in these vests begins to separate and it begins to not be able to absorb the impact of any bullets it catches.  This renders the vests nearly useless to stop bullets.

What to Do With Expired Kevlar Vests?

If you are an owner of a Kevlar vest and you find that it has expired that are a few options.  You can throw it out completely if you don’t have any other uses for it.  You can use them as extra sandbags in your range,  (Though I wouldn’t completely replace the sandbags with expired vests).  Or you can use them for non-lethal training programs like with paintball or BB rounds.


Overall it is extremely important to replace expired kevlar vests after their time period is up.  Once these vests has expired, they can no longer be as effective in stopping bullets, which renders them nearly completely useless in a life or death situation.  If you or a friend owns a vest, I definitely suggest you make sure they aren’t expired before you put it to the test in the real world!

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