Tactical Gear Reviews

The outdoors is a place that is meant to be explored and respected.  Nature has been engrained with human life for many years, and it continues like that today!  The outdoors can be an amazing but unforgiving place.  There are many dangers in the wilderness and you need to be prepared for anything.

Because the dangers of the wilderness are extremely real, I have compiled a handful of tactical and outdoor gear product reviews below.  These products are all hand tested by me, and they are tools that I truly believe will keep you safe in any outdoor situation!  These reviews are unbiased and will give you all of the facts that you need to know to make the correct decision about these tactical gear.  Check out our tactical gear reviews below!

Tactical & Outdoor Gear Reviews

Echo vs Husqvarna Chainsaw 2020 – Reviews & Recommendations!
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Military watches, despite what the name suggests, are not just for those in the military. In fact it’s more a[...]
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The Best Belly Band Holster – Your Ultimate Buyers Guide!
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Fish Wherever You Go! The Best Collapsible Fishing Rod of 2020
What Are Collapsible Fishing Rods? Do you love fishing and wish you could carry a rod with you everywhere? Then[...]
Keeping Your Boots in Shape With the Best Boot Oil 2020!
Last Updated January 1st 2020  Well, if you have got boots, you need boot oil as well since you don’t[...]
Picking The Best Tent Heater to Stay Toasty Warm!
Last Updated January 1st, 2020 We all love backpacking and camping in the great outdoors. It is refreshing, rejuvenating, adventurous,[...]
Picking the Best Survival Compass to Keep You Oriented!
Do you love trekking but can never rely on your phone’s battery or its GPS because of poor signals? If[...]
Picking the Best Squirrel Call For Attracting and Hunting Squirrels
One of the most important elements of hunting any kind of game is ‘calling’, that is communicating with the prey.[...]
Picking The Best Solar Lantern to Light Up Your Campsite!
It is alarming how the ever increasing pollution levels have contributed to the global warming and other environmental hazards. And[...]
Picking the Best Shemagh For a Firefight or Hunting!
Last Updated January 11th, 2018 Ever noticed the army men and shooters wearing a scarf like thing that covers their mouths?[...]
Picking the Best Kerosene Lantern For At Night Camping!
Kerosene lanterns are usually associated with far-off rural areas that don’t have electricity. Kerosene has been a constant source of[...]
Picking the Best Camping Blanket – Avoid Hypothermia
“Winter is coming” don’t worry though the White Walkers aren’t! Thankfully in real life, winter brings with it cozy bonfires[...]
Best 2 Meter Radio For Survival Situations!
The 2-meter radio band or the amateur radio band comprises of frequencies from 144 MHz to 148 MHz under the[...]
Picking the Best IFAK Pouch to Heal You Up and Keep You Safe!
Last Update: January 1st, 2018 An IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) pouch is something that every soldier is given before any[...]
Picking the Best Mora Knife to Keep You Alive!
A certain Nordic proverb goes, “a Knifeless Man is a Lifeless Man”. Mora knives, whose name derives from the town[...]
Picking The Best Survival Tarp For Any Adventure!
As you can guess from its name, a survival tarp provides you shelter in times of climatic distress.  When a[...]
Picking the Best Folding Saw For Outdoor Survival 2018!
Last Updated January 1st, 2018 Are you looking for a flexible, reliable and versatile woodworking tool that would help you in[...]
Picking the Best Entrenching Tool For Functionality and Safety 2018!
Entrenching tools are just a modern or upgraded version of the age-old spade that has its origins from the Roman[...]
Staying Warm With The Best Survival Lighter of 2020
Having a reliable lighter in your backpack is essential when you go hiking or when you're on trips. Not having[...]
Picking the Best Chest Rig of 2020! – Military Strength Plate Carriers
Those in the military or army will be well pleased to equip their soldiers with the best  chest rig that[...]
Picking The Best Waterproof Backpack 2020 – Reviews & Bag Quality
If you are into camping, then you can realize just how miserable having a wet backpack can be.  Not only[...]
Picking The Best Tactical Vest 2020 – Reviews & Durable Design!
A tactical vest is what can keep you calm, cool and organized during a firefight.  These vests have pouches and[...]