June 25, 2018

Wesco Boots Review 2020 – Quality and Comfortable Boots!

If you are looking for boots that are not only extremely comfortable but also are extremely stylish, then look no further!  Wesco boots are some of the best and highest quality boots on the marketplace today.  These boots are perfect for both motorcycle riders, and even for combat.  They are the ultimate boots for anyone looking for boots, and this Wesco boots review will explain why!

About Wesco Boots!

Wesco Boots have been around since 1918 and they are known for their quality and comfortable wear!  Wesco boots pride themselves on using the best quality materials possible for their boots, and their craftsmanship that the put into their boots.  Along with this, all of their boots are handmade on United States soil in the Wesco plant.  In the boots themselves, leather is always used as opposed to cork because of the quality and durability.

Types of Wesco Boots

Because Wesco boots have been around for so long, there are quite a few different types of Wesco boots.  When the company first began in 1918, the majority of their boots were designed to be work boots, but over time that has changed as well.

Wesco Work Boots

Wesco Boots Review

Wesco is known for their work boots and the pure quality they posses.  In 1918, everyone wore boots to

protect their feet when they were out in the fields working, or when they were working outdoors.  Although times have changed, people are still in need of boots to protect their feet while working.

That being said, one of the most popular lines of Wesco work boots are their Lineman Boots.  Lineman Boots are also known as Logger Boots, and can be distinguished by their longer heel at the back.  This longer heel is great not only for Lineman because it helps them while climbing, but also for anyone that is going outdoors because it adds traction and increases comfortability.

Along with this, these Wesco boots are pure leather of the highest quality.  Most work boots are made of a mixture of leather and plastic composite that makes them cheaper to produce.  That being said Wesco boots strive themselves in using pure leather for their boots.  This not only makes them more comfortable

when wearing them all day, but it also will last you longer as leather is much more durable!

Wesco Street Boots

Although Wesco is mainly known for their work boots, they are also starting to expand into the fashion scene.  Wesco currently offers a handful of street boots that still portray the rugged, and outdoorsy look, but they are designed to be worn all day out and about.  These are great for walking around in town, but

aren’t ideal for camping or working outdoors.  That being said, these boots are growing in popularity, and I definitely suggest you take a look!

Wesco Boots Review – Top Three Favorite Boots

Now that we have given you a little bit of a background on these boots, it’s time to start you off with reviews of our top three Wesco boots.  Below are all boots we have used and put through the ringer.  These are boots that are designed for working, and will keep you safe and comfortable all day long.

Wesco Highliner 10″ Brown Lineman Boots

Wesco Highliner Boots

Our first Wesco boots in our reviews, is my person favorite, the Wesco Highliner 10 Inch Brown Lineman Boots.  These boots are really what Wesco quality is based on.  These were originally designed, as the name suggests, for lineman.  These boots have the longer back not only for added grip, but also to make it easier for lineman to climb up the poles.  That being said, these are great boots for lineman as well as outdoor enthusiasts and any other outdoors workers.  That being said, if you are someone that is looking for boots that are for extreme conditions like hunting where you might encounter snakes, then take a look at our snake boot reviews.

Quality of These Boots:

One of them main things that attracted me to these boots, was the pure quality of the boots.  These boots are made 100% of pure leather, which guarantees extreme comfort and durability.  Along with this, these boots are fitted with Vibram soles, which are designed for added comfort during even the most extreme surfaces.  These soles are designed out of an innovative rubber compound which are designed to absorb extreme impacts while outdoors.

Arch Support:

Because these boots are designed for outdoor workers, they need some support to keep you on your feet all day long.  Because of that, Wesco has redesigned their boots with added arch support, to keep your feet feeling good all day long.  These boots included a .219 inch thick iron support arch support plate to keep the arch of your foot supported, and comfortable.


Because these boots are outdoor boots, they while get banged up once in a while.  And because they are designed for the outdoors, they should be able to withstand these knocks without completely falling apart.  Because these are 100% leather, they are more durable than boots that are made out of a synthetic mixture.    Along with this, because they are leather you can add boot oil to keep them protected, and looking good!  That being said, I have owned these boots for the past two years, and I have given them a beating.  I have used these on construction jobs, and I have taken them out on hiking trips, and they have withstood it all!  These are extremely durable boots, and I would feel confident bringing them along to any outdoors trip or work site.

Wesco 16 Inch Highliner Boots

Wesco Highliner Boot ReviewsAnother extremely popular style of Wesco boots, is their “Highliner” series!  This is another boot style that is designed specifically for power line workers, arborists, and telephone and cable workers!  These boots are designed to give you a safe and durable boot that allows you the maneuverability to climb ladders and poles.  Not only do these boots give you a safer work environment but it also provides you with an extremely comfortable and durable pair of boots.

Final Thoughts on Wesco Highliner Lineman Boots

Overall these Wesco Highliner Lineman boots are outstanding!  They are extremely comfortable and they are durable enough to be thrown through anything.  I have used these on all day work sites, and I have brought them hiking in rocky terrains, and they have withstood both beautifully!  I definitely recommend these boots to someone that is this looking for a high quality pair of boots that will be comfortable enough to wear all day, while being durable enough to keep you safe, and last!  If you are interested in any other Wesco Boots Review, then leave a comment below!

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